The House 1.2

The House 1.2
By: truman08

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The House (zm_test) – You Must Escape

Map Features:
Boss Zombie (The Warden – Brutus from Mob Of The Dead) – He will lock Perk Machines and the Mystery Box if nearby (it costs 2000 points to unlock each one he locks). Credit: Nate Smith Zombies
Hidden Keycard (this must be found to escape). Credit: Uptownpapi25 (Youtube)
Buyable Ending. Credit: Nate Smith Zombies
Zombie Counter – Credit: CraftDAnimations (Youtube)
Custom Wall Guns – Credit: Graffiti [Map Designer&Editor] (Youtube)
Custom Starting Weapon (Bloodhound). Credit: CraftDAnimations (Youtube)
Rocket Shield (Buildable). Credit: Uptownpapi25 (Youtube)
Ragnarok DG-4 (Buyable)
No Perk Limit (8 Perks – Quick Revive, Juggernogg, Double Tap, Speed Cola, Staminup, Mule Kick, Deadshot & Widow’s Wine)
Perk Jingles Working (Including Pack-A-Punch). Credit: CraftDAnimations (Youtube)
Electric Traps. Credit: Uptownpapi25 (Youtube)
GobbleGum Machines

Extra Credits:
Nate Smith Zombies
UGO aka Wakka (Youtube)
UGX Mods

Version 1.2 Changes:
Spooky Music Added (Youtube friendly – royalty free audio)
Brutus Health Increased Slightly
Brutus Will Spawn More Frequently
More FPS Optimization
More lighting fixes
Fixed issue with the electric trap in the attic (Trap is now on the outside of the Pack-a-Punch room doorway)


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