Whitex – One

Whitex - One
By: KaOxDeViL

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Whitex – One – Version 1.82 – By: Made In Spain Games

Ideal map for 2 to 4 players, action and insanity assured. Will you survive?


13 Perks
Brutus Boss Final
Custom PowerUps
Der Wunderfizz
PowerUps Machine
KeyCard x2
Wall Run
Grow Soul
Shield per Piece
Random Magic Box
Zombie Variants
5 Easter Eggs / Mini Games
Map End
And Many More Surprises

Easter Eggs: Find the Following Items!!!

X4 Bottles = 9 Perks
X3 Files = Widows Wine
X3 Burgers = Juggernog
X3 Bears = 5000px + 5 Spaces Perks + Music
X4 Brains = PHD Flopper + Vulture Aid + TombStone + Whos Who + 13 Spaces Perk (No Limit)


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