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Think you can survive in this Purgatorial Maze lets find out!

This map is my first map I’ve fully completed I hope you enjoy!!

No Perk Limit (All Bo3 Perks Minus Electric Cherry)
5 Ported Weapons from Elricos Public Release
Very Close Quarters
Brutus Boss Zombie from natesmithzombies
3rd Party Music is used for the Music EE


Tutorial Videos – Uptownpapi25, Jbird632, craftdanimations, Viamods, Ice_Grenade

Anti-Cheat Script – CabCon

Custom Weapons – Elricos: M1911, AK47, G36C, M4A1, MP5

Brutus Boss – natesmithzombies

Help And Tips – Corey from Viamods, DTZxPorter, Voltik, Johnathon

Grow Souls Script – M.A.K.E C E N T S

Little Arnie Fix Script – M.A.K.E C E N T S

Music Easter Egg Script – Jbird632

Rotating Sky Script – Gmzorz

Special Thanks to Voltik for helping me out with my round change music problems and questions!!

Be sure to vist aviacreations.com and viamods.com and support them! These guys helped me out alot, keep up the great work guys!!

Music Used:
Octavarium – Dream Theater
Between The Worlds – Ugasanie



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