COD4 Bog Zombies

COD4 Bog Zombies
By: Swisher_Fisher TTV

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My first try at remaking a map using the mod tools. Everything was done by me, besides the scripts people created. I hope you enjoy this remake of the map “Bog” from Call of Duty 4. Keep in mind I added a lot of my own stuff as well to the original, so it won’t look the complete same. This was to make the map have more areas to explore, since the original was to wide open. All the models are from bo3 as well, so it looks better in my opinion. Hope you enjoy my map!


– Buildable Power (shinged)
– Buildable Power Shield (Uptownpapi25)
– 8 Perks (6 perk limit, but custom powerup lets you get more)
– Buyable Ending (NateSmithZombies)
– Zombie Counter (DuaLVII)
– Kino Teleporter (NateSmithZombies)
– Hitmarkers (NateSmithZombies)
– Custom Powerups (NateSmithZombies)
– Soul Watermelons! (MakeCents)
– Slightly Challenging Map!
– Anti-Cheat (NateSmithZombies)
– Perk Change (NateSmithZombies)
– Dog Rounds

Let me know if you find any bugs that are game changing. I tested in solo and it went smoothly, so let me know how it goes.



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