Mine 17

Mine 17
By: Darn

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Mine 17 is a solo challenge map where you have to get a huge 50000 points to escape the mine, so will you leave rich or die trying?

The map includes
-7 different perks including customs
– No perk limit
-The flogger
– includes Ray gun mark 3, thounder gun, Rift E9, beshine and Nx shadow claws
-Bubblegum machine
-Pack a punch easter egg

Highest Round 31

And i also recommend lowering the brightness looks alot cooler=D

Thanks Madgas gaming, Jbird632 and CraftDAnimaton, for their amazing youtube tutorials.
Thaks to http://aviacreations.com/modme/index.php?view=topic&tid=649 for scripting and his amazing mods.(this guy has talent)

And last of all thanks to you for taking a look at this mod and maybe even playing, Means a lot. Btw my earliest is round is 18 so good luck =P



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