The Holly Cream Cake Factory

The Holly Cream Cake Factory
By: [C2-6] Joe M

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Holly’s Cream Cake Factory

Shutdown, and defunct for a very, very long time….

Welcome, to the factory! Where sweets are made from dreams, love, and….something secret! Donny’s the name and makin’ cakes is my game! We love what we do and do what we love! If you are looking for the the best treats this side of the universe there is no competition!

If you manage to find any easter eggs and you would like to share your findings with me I would love to see it, you can tweet me @JoeTrocious !

If you wish to donate to me to help me get more and better maps out faster feel free to follow this link here:

When I started this map, I never intended it to go this far. This map was originally started as a joke, and go out of hand quickly and I couldn’t stop. I wanted to create a Nacht Der Untoten meets Der Riese. I wanted to capture the essence of the catwalk strategy from Der Riese and the claustrophobic atmosphere of Nacht, I hope you enjoy this and subscribe for future project! If you find any bugs or glitches feel free to message me directly or comment them on the workshop page, if you would like to make suggestions I am also willing to listen!

Custom Weapons
Easter Egg Songs (Yes, plural)
And Tons of Radio transmissions to find, can you find all 6?
Maybe another secret or two…. you’ll have to find out.


Created by: JoeTrocious (

Music By:

Scripting By:

Nate Smith Zombies

Pixelflare Studios

Weapons By:


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