Kino: Alley of the Dead

Kino: Alley of the Dead
By: Ole

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*Apologies, I lost the orginal map file for the map. This implies I can’t work on it anymore, and this is the final version. Again, my apologies. This was only a testmap and to be fair, much of the modeling is quite messy and outdated. So it would be better to redo the hole thing 🙂

This my test map for bo3 mod tools. Since Kino was one off my favorite maps, I decided to make a remake. It’s not the hole map. However, others are already working on a full remake. I decided to stick with only the alleyway and add some new areas you haven’t been able to acsess before.
– Feedback and a rate is much appreciated. I read all your comments and will try to fix most bugs. As well as, try to add requested features.

Return to The Kino Alleyway, and explore new areas. Only time will tell what awaits you.

Version: 2.5


+ Music easter egg and a small radio easter egg
– All rights reserved to the musics respected owners
+ All 4 orginal perks + Stamin up, Deadshot, Mule kick, Widows wine and Electric cherry
+ Pack a Punch
+ Gobblegum
+ Trap
+ Magic box
+ New weapons (Inclu, PPSh-41, the Tommy Gun and the Thunder Gun)
+ Backlit powerswitch with custom spotlight
+ New exploreable areas (more to be added)
-> Kino Pack a Punch room
-> New attic area
-> New front alley
-> New back alley
-> The under the stairs room
+ And a whole lot more usual zombie stuff.



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