Bear Town

Bear Town
By: efzoz

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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download
I had this in my computer for a while, made it just for fun, I would like to keep playing with it like adding stuff, but it started to give me the “MAX PRECACHE” error (Probably because I messed up), plus bo3 mod launch made me loose interest, it is not polished so you may experience some bugs, never found any game breaking one so far.


One big room map (Kind of a box map)
Has to be played in Timed Gameplay
Uses the old UGX mode with default bo1 weapons
Beating 4 bosses and opting to ride the train leads to the last boss and after that endgame will occur automatically
This map requires t4m

Map updated due to a game crashing bug that could happen after beating the first boss.
thanks to MrWisbey for pointing it out
Map stuffs:

  – 1 ugx jukebox
  – 1 side quest
  – 1 plane that drops stuffs
  – 1 train that brings stuffs
  – 2 easter eggs
  – 2 Bear knife habilities
  – 4 places to sacrifice teddy bears
  – 5 bosses
  – 5 stores to assign teddy bears
  – 6 weapon’s blessings
  – 23 bosses’ habilities

Thanks and Credits:

BlackJackJonnyy –> YT Tutorial
ZOMB1E-KLLR –> YT Tutorial
Aidan –> Kino-Style Teleporter v2 (copied 6 script lines from there)
scriptz –> used his scripts as reference for the progress bar, using his satchel charge script fxs
BluntStuffy  –> using his soul box fx
jei9363 –> simple zipline
Eternal_Fire –> New Powerup FX
WhiteDevil –> Easy animation script
[UGX] treminaor –> easy_fx
UGX TEAM –> UGX Jukebox and FX’s
deper(by models) / shippuden1592 / jei9363 / ConvictioNDR –> buried zombies
HUGE THANKS to UGX TEAM for their amazing stuffs


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