MeinCraft Zombies

MeinCraft Zombies
By: DaBaksteenNL

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MeinCraft Zombies – Minecraft, but with zombies [BETA0.1.5]
MeinCraft is a small zombie map, but might get bigger along the way! Keep in mind, still early Beta.

– Minecraft with John Smith textures
– Buyable ending (After EE)
– Easteregg
– Villagers
– Mining (sorta)
– TheBlueFluffy helped me get a pickaxe. Might be coming ingame soon.

– Zombies might spawn up the wall and take a moment to get down
– Visual Glitches
– Zone File Error? Tell me the error in the comments and I’ll try to fix it ASAP

Easter Egg hint for Dutchies: It’s east to PUT the pieces together

Thanks to GAM3VIDZ and community for helping with ideas!

Remember: This map is 100% free to play and enjoy. You don’t need to pay money to play the map. Consider donating if you would like to keep me motivated to make more maps like this, it is of course completely optional. Playing the map is enough support!


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