Zm Roadtrip

Zm Roadtrip
By: The brib known as Walter Melone

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A medium-small map based in a service station on the side of a highway.

This map is no longer a “Work In Progress”, but it may still be updated periodically.

The aim of this map was to see the difference in quality I could achieve after pratice with Mod Tools.

Quick fix:
Now built for all languages

Version 1.3

Added more reflection probes to map.
Indoor area lighting will look much better now and have more ambiance.
Outside areas as well to a lesser extent.

Fixed multiple areas on the map where you could crawl under the clipping of vehicles.

Change weapon loadouts
Fix zombies spawning in alley zone when it isn’t unlocked to the player

Special thanks:
reckfullies from the UGX forums (;u=357889)
Madgaz Gaming (
Jbird632 (
UGO aka Wakka (
& Many more modders on the UGX Forums.
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