Hoia Forest

Hoia Forest
By: EcoBoosted

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Welcome to the Hoia Forest.
You’ve taken shelter in an old cabin, but the undead have found their way to you.
You remember seeing a boat out back, can you make it before they get you.
This is somewhat of a challenge map, very difficult to complete. (as tested with 2 players)
~Small map
~Timed gameplay
~All Perks obtainable (Through power ups or Wonderfizz)
~Buyable ending
~Custom Power-ups
~Custom Weapons

General layout of the map is complete, and is playable. Just planning to add more detailing in the future.
Credit to:

IceGrenade for Credit Script, Ice Tutorial Level, Editing Multiple Scripts etc
WARDOGSK93 for Wunderfizz, PHD, Vulture & Tombstone Perk Addons + Widows/Cherry setup
xSanchez78PERKS for WhosWho Perk Addon
Natesmithzombies for Custom Powerups, Hitmarkers, Perk Change
Erthrocks for Some Guns
HarryBo21 for Origin Pack Guns
JBird for Claymores
Kingslayer Kyle for Max ammo buy
ZombieKid164 for perk drop
MakeCents for soulboxes
MGod for testing


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