Insel Des Todes

Insel Des Todes
By: DmillSnipe

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After crashing your boat, you and your team must survive on a island which was used for 935 testing in WWII. It should be abandoned, right?

Please rate the map if you liked it, and report any bugs!

this map has
-all 9 perks
-pack-a-punch (its hidden so good luck!)
-buyable ending
-soul collectors
-zombie blood, infinate ammo, timewarp,and zombie cash
-BRUTUS! (sounds fixed)
-no perk limit
-new pap camo
-new GUNS! from IW, MWR, Ghosts, AW

-the map is medium sized.
-has a small underwater area
-this map is not easy, it’s for someone who wants a good challenge!

special thanks to;
El Ricos – for the weapons
craftDanimatons – for the tutorials on starting a map

this is my first map and really worked hard on it, so please give it a chance!

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sick of the night? try the map in the day! “Insel des Todes (day edition)”

thank you for playing!



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