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Gulag zombies returns in its final form. A remake from the MW2 campaign mission of the same name.

– Wide Variety of Wall Weapons
– Claymores
– Ambient Sounds
– Brutus
– MW2 Themed Round Sounds
– Massive Map
– EE Song
– Buildable Shield
– Boss Fights
– Vast Array of Custom Weapons
– Full Easter Egg with Boss Ending
– BO1/BO2 Perks (PHD is 1000 | Vulture Aid is 2000)
– Custom Powerup
– Starting Perk Limit is 4 (Increases by 1 for every broken bottle powerup)
– Our lord and savior the AA-12

Differences from original:
– BIG area added to help with the flow between the top and bottom of the map, making it so the long stairwells aren’t the only way up and down.
– Ambient sounds and extra FX to give the map a more evil and horrific vibe.
– Completely went through and tried to fix as many death barriers and other minor bugs as possible.
– Complete weapon overhaul.
– Changed lighting significantly.
– A vast majority of the original MW2 textures have been changed to much better BO3 HD textures.

Notable bugs:
– (At least for me) The lights will after a while, start to ignore shadows. This sometimes fixes itself.
– Some doorways get gangbanged if too many zombies try to enter at the same time.

The Easter Egg was scripted by Abnormal202, check him out!
His Dank Map:

You can follow me on twatter for news and updates about nothing:

-_ChaosKevin aka TryToEpic
-Harry Bo21
-Red Planet
-The Black Death
-Frost Iceforge
-John Burnette
If I missed someone, hmu.

– Exofile
– Sidzzz
– Lame-Link
– UKViiPeR
– Jesus

Report death barriers with pix plz k thx bye



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