Skylands V2

Skylands V2
By: IceGrenade

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Packed full of nightmares and lovely vibrant scenery. Made in one sitting… how am I even alive rn? Idk… anyhow time to play this beast… AYYYYNOTHER formidable challenge… Take on the higher difficulty zombies and find an eventual ending. Good Luck… you may need it 😉 Easier with more players. Please don’t forget to Check out and rate this map up if you enjoyed it.

Skylands V2 Includes: Fixed Spawners, All players now get wings (new sounds + new mtl), New Fx, Huge new area, new buyable price, added debris, added custom weapons (Bobatron 5000 & the 2.0), Fixed Monkey Money, New troll XD, New Zombie Skins, New Treasure Chests, New Sounds and Round sounds, Improved Scripting overall and a LOT more detail and FX throughout the map. Added Clipping in more places and Removed all god spots known.

Enjoy this challenge! …from the guy that brought you the lovely Giant Trip, Bobland, Temple Sprint, Rainbow Challenges, Backlot, Devil Descent, Skigebiet der Toten & Tron Towers.


I put a lot of effort into making these maps for all you guys out there. If you want to donate a small amount, say enough for me to enjoy a coffee it would be much appreciated! Or some beans, beans are good. Thanks to all donations!

No Money to Donate?


Learn to map, Custom Zombie Map Reviews:
Check out my livestreams:

Don’t take this map seriously… unless you don’t want to have fun. This map was a quick map for all my challenge map fans. If you are someone who likes more detail, big easter eggs, custom weapons, custom sounds, custom traps, custom objectives… then you’ll be pleased to know I am in the development stage of a big Goldeneye project. Follow the whole development live on YouTube.

Repeatable Music Control,
Custom Wing Script (See wings in 3rd person),
Custom Monkey Money,
Custom Laser Bridge,
Custom Bridge Build System,
Shield Buildable
13 Perks
Custom ‘Zombie’ Models,
108 Weapons!
Gobblegum on a loney island
All the other good stuff

IceGrenade for ICE ZM Mod Level, Credit Script, Wings, Shootable, Music Edits, Perk Fixes, Custom Music EE & Other Sounds
Matarra! For Epic Sudowood Zombie Replacement!
Staff Build Quest & Upgrade by Harry Bo21
ZoekMeMaar for helping with ICE ZM Mod Level, CSV fixes & Script cleanup
iBounce for BetterPrint Script
WARDOGSK93 for Wunderfizz, PHD, Vulture & Tombstone Perk Addons + Widows/Cherry setup
xSanchez78PERKS for WhosWho Perk Addon
Natesmithzombies for Custom Powerups, Hitmarkers, Perk Change
Erthrocks for Some Guns
HarryBo21 for Origin Pack Guns
ZeRoY for Various Script Work (Voxes)
Ardivee for difficulty setting + voxes setup
DTZXPorter for Wraith & helping with alias names on voxes
UGX for Buyable Ending
Treyarch for The Giant prefabs and mod tools.
VerK0 lut filter suggestions
Round Sounds from: “Wretched Destroyer” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

don’t die
Shoot Monkies
Get Staff to build and upgrade
Try out the Super Shotgun 😉
Try out the Ar33 😉
don’t fall off
don’t waste your money getting to the gumball machine

=======Leaderboard (Mods=0/1)=======
Won @ Round 22 TheScrappyCrappy M=0
Won @ Round 25 Quiet_Man_ M=0
Won @ Round 30 NoahJ456 M=1

To get on the leaderboards please link a video of your playthrough of the map and specify your name(s). Thanks.



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