The Last Crusade

The Last Crusade
By: Symbo

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Indiana has to face many dangers and solve puzzles to achieve his goal: Find the Graal and be rewarded.

Difficulty: Medium


– Easter egg based on the movie
– No visible spawners
– Traversals
– Custom Growing Soul Collectors
– Vehicules doors
– 2 small easter egg for free perk
– 6 custom perks vending machines
– Up to 10 perks with easter eggs
– One inch punch and upgrade
– Shootable gold at spawn for points
– Runing zombies at round 1
– hidden teleporter
– custom sounds
– Buyable ending, once the easter egg is done

– Using godmod will make the traps kill you and game over even with quick revive!
– One inch punch doesn’t work with Widows wine

Thanks to:

IceGrenade, ZoekMeMaar, M.A.K.E.CENTS, WARDOGSK93, Uptownpapi25, JBird632, Harry Bo21, Ardivee and Pacito for his support.

Check out my first map on the workshop and try to find the real ending with a 20 brutus fight:
And my new Challenge map:



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