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This is my first ever map ever, Its a small box one room map but this just adds to the challenge of the map as there is no where to escape to undead too.

The map has a mini Easter egg quest with a few other little hidden things added to the mix.

-Mini Easter Egg Quest
-Free Perk Easter Egg
-Shootable Song Easter Egg (not copyrighted, youtube freindly)
-buyable ending
-3 wonder weapons

my record when testing out the finish map is

best easter egg time: 9 (Wiild_pickle)
highest round: 54

I had a lot of help making this map from loads of youtube tutorials (as I am new to this) I’ll try to update this description soon with a full list of all the tutorials, scripts and prfabs used.

feel free to download and play the map, make a video on it, challenge friends, set high round records ect…..

I’m going to start working on my next map (The Complex) so if you incounter any bugs please either message me on steam or comment them down below and I’ll try to get a fix out.

Known bugs:
PAP camo doesnt work on certain guns (PPSH, Ray Gun mark 3)

Easter Egg steps guide:

Step 1: Feed the teddy in spawn zombie souls
Step 2: turn on the power and open up pack a punch
step 3: Feed the 2nd teddy inside the pack a punch area
step 4: buy the panel in the PAP room to open the secret door
step 5: Feed the last teddy by the magic door, doing this will open the finale door
step 6: buy the bus ticket and escape the map

EE Song guide:
there are 3 teddys bears outside the map

Teddy 1: is right outside the zombie window next to the secret door and the crates on Jug side
Teddy 2: is outside the zombie window hiding behind a rock infront of the giant robot
Teddy 3: Outside the zombie window inbetween double tap and widows wine, This teddy can be seen in the hands of a keeper.

Free Perk guide:
There are 3 perk bottles hidden round the map

Bottle 1: Above the door to Double tap next to the gobble gum machine.
Bottle 2: is on the shelf next to the door to speed cola
Bottle 3: Below the MOTD plane outside the zombie window next to Revive and widows

Next Map: Das Haus (Coming September 2017)



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