Cheese Cube Unlimited V1

Cheese Cube Unlimited V1
By: Pure

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The cheese is back (again) with a classic adventure! Experience a very unique zombies gameplay in this round-shaped cube.

DISCLAIMER: Might have issues using controller getting up the stairs
DISCLAIMER: Turn off Motion Blur, Moving platforms look blurry

This is a fairly difficult map to complete, so you had better grab a few cheese loving friends and wake up your A game!

Mappers Youtube:


– Unique Gameplay
– “Moving” Environment
– Black Ops 2 Weapons
– Buildables
– Animated Pack-A-Punch camo
– Custom Perk: Double Dew
– Custom Cheese Perk Shaders
– Several Custom Powerups
– Random Easter Eggs
– Custom Wonder Weapons
– Custom Trivia

First 3 People to complete the map:
1. ToProForUGames
2. MrPhoenixFTW
3. Noahj456 / PHDPlays

Top 3 Speed Runs (Read Below):
1. S1ipperyJim (15:09)
2. McSpandex (16:41)

– For the speed runs, you must show your menu and then start the game.
– The timer starts from when you first get into the game.
– The timer ends when the buyable ending text is present on the screen.

Special Thanks:

Pure: Mapping, Everything Else
Spiral: Target Script, Troll Poster, Moving Platform Script, Loading Screen Remastered, Buildable Cheese Script, Dalek Easter Egg, General Help
ZK: Original Map Idea/Layout
Redspace200: Fixed Black Cheese Script
xSanchez78: Double Dew Script, Napalm Script, General Help, PaP Power Up
Oshawat: Pack-A-Punch Camo, Double Dew Machine Brush
Harrybo21: Black Ops 2 Weapons
Wardogsk93: Perks
Treyarch: Making the Modtools/Game
DTZxPorter: Wraith
TomBMX: Porting Tools
JerriGaming: Fixed Double Dew (Perk Icon On HUD), General Help
Jerri13: Retexturing The Mystery Box
Zeroy: Wonderweapon
The Indestructable Mike Pence: CIA Character Port
Smasher248: Black Cheese Script
Shinged: Buildable Power
NateSmithZombies: Buyable Ending Script
Zindea: Melee Weapon





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