Mob Of The Dead – Escape From Alcatraz Challenge

Mob Of The Dead - Escape From Alcatraz Challenge
By: truman08

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Mob Of The Dead – Escape From Alcatraz Challenge – Version 1.1
Escape The Island’s Curse

A Small/Medium Sized Challenge Map with some remastered Mob Of The Dead areas and some brand new areas to explore.

You will start in the Alleyway near the lower Citadel Tunnels, and Power Generator Room. Find a way to power the elevator to access the hidden underground areas of Mob Of The Dead and escape the island’s curse.

The Hell’s Retriever & Hell’s Redeemer can be obtained but first you must find the secret passage.

If you stream this map please add the link to the description of your video:

Map Features: (Please See Credits Below)

Black Ops 2 & Black Ops 3 Weapons Including:
Blundergat, Upgradeable Origins Staffs, Raygun Mark 2, Hell’s Retriever, Hell’s Redeemer, Mauser, Python & Many More

Black Ops 2 Perks, Black Ops 3 Perks & Der Wunderfizz Including:
PhD Flopper, Juggernog, Quick Revive, Double Tap, Speed Cola, Mule Kick, Stamin-Up,
Widow’s Wine, Deadshot Daiquiri & Electric Cherry

No Perk Limit

Zombie Counter

Bank System

Brutus Boss


Revelations Style Weapon Trading Table (If you can find it?!)

Mob Of The Dead Pack-A-Punch Camo (Shadows Of Evil Ritual Camo)

Rocket Shield (Can Be Refuelled)

Player Voice Over Lines

Red Zombie Eye Colour

Mob Of The Dead Round Sounds & Ambient Music

Ambient Sounds Including Thunder Storm & Creepy Noises

Soul Doors With Rewards

Shootable Music Easter Egg

Buyable Ending

Language Support



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