Asyl Der Untoten

Asyl Der Untoten
By: theRandomMan21

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– Custom wallbuys
– Tons of little easter eggs
– Earn buyable ending
– Challenge map (kind of) due to it’s map layout and goal.
– Teleporter
– Shootables
– Cool Camos
– Elevator
*Things to note:

– If playing with multiple people, use your own jump pad, or it will glitch out!
– The zombies are slow until round 9
– Try to escape the asylum before round 32, trust me…. just trust me… (Perma-Brutus)
– Don’t fall, you. will. die…
– Teleport to Jug and Packa..
– 7 Soulboxes in the Asylum and 5 at the final area!
– The Wonderfizz is in one location, once it moves just wait a few seconds then it will spawn back.
– Some weird spawning only around rounds
– Buried(Copyright) Music Easter Egg (3 Bears)
– Brutus has a ton of heath, so be ready (The only use for Double Tap)
– Wall-Runnimg in the dungeon area, you see the drop point, but you can wall-run on either side.
– Other surprises… enjoy!

TIP: When you open 15K door, look for 3 zombie heads.

– CraftDAnimations for the amazing tutorials.
– NateSmithZombies for the fantastic scripting.
– IceGrenade for scripting and mapping tutorials.
– Uptownpapi25 for his awesome tutorials.
– GMzorz thank you for the rotating sky script!
– DTZxPorter and Harry Bo21 weapons addon.
– Zombiekid164 for his fantastic script.
– WARDOGSK93S fantastic perks!
– Madgaz Gaming for inspiring me to get into mapping.
– MakeCents for the soulbox script.
– Jia909’s awesome imported weapons!
– Redspace200 for the jump pads!
– Treyarch and Activtion
– Kevin Sherwood



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