Pyramid v3

Pyramid v3
By: Avalebor

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this map was created by me – Avalebor (Ava_ru)
– zombies run from the 1st round
– changed the appearance of zombies
– increased number of zombies
– added Nova Crawlers zombies
– 2 bosses
– added weapons from BO1, BO3
– in the box there is a weapon with an upgrade
– weapons from the wall can not be upgraded
– purchased end of the game (THE END)

shippuden1592 – zombie Call of the Dead (drag-and-drop)
Shippuden1592 – Zombie Nova Crawlers
shippuden1592, ReznovRevenge – boss scripts
shippuden1592 – weapons: ICR, M8A7, Man-o-War, Pharoah, Haymaker (tc12), XR2, Ak74u, Commando, Famas, Hk21, Rpk
Infinity Ward, DamianoTBM – weapons: IW NV4
MrDunlop4 – character
TOM_BMX – Buyable Ending scripts



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