Super Mario 64 Zombies

Super Mario 64 Zombies
By: Spiki

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After completeing their mission of killing Dempsey on a castle in Austria they’ve been teleported to a 1996 era castle to rescue samantha.

BANNED GOBBLEGUM LIST (you will have a bad time if you have these in your pack): array(“zm_bgb_ephemeral_enhancement”,”zm_bgb_immolation_liquidation”,”zm_bgb_killing_time”,”zm_bgb_on_the_house”,”zm_bgb_perkaholic”,”zm_bgb_unquenchable”,”zm_bgb_wall_power”,”zm_bgb_whos_keeping_score”,”zm_bgb_head_drama”,”zm_bgb_fear_in_headlights”,”zm_bgb_secret_shopper”,”zm_bgb_crate_power”,”zm_bgb_shopping_free”,”zm_bgb_bullet_boost”,”zm_bgb_mind_blown”,”zm_bgb_profit_sharing”,”zm_bgb_self_medication”,”zm_bgb_idle_eyes”,”zm_bgb_extra_credit”,”zm_bgb_soda_fountain”,”zm_bgb_reign_drops”,”zm_bgb_power_vacuum”);

To pap stand on yellow spot in spawn, look in light above and press [USE].

To activate the jukebox press [USE] on the piano in the basement, to switch or stop songs press [MELEE], and to start a selected tong press [USE]



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