Hotel Der Untoten

Hotel Der Untoten
By: .mindmirror

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The Hordes of the Undead are expecting you! Find your way out of this place!

Hello and welcome to my next map! (The music in the map is copyright free)


– Weapons from BO1,MW3, BO2 and AW
– Additional Perks
– Mob Of The Dead Models
– Glowing Perk Shaders
– BO2 Style Death Animation
– Endgame
– Easter Egg Song
– Ambient Sounds
– And some more…

Credits to:

– elricos (Weapons)
– HarryBO21 (Weapons)
– ProRevenge (Weapons)
– Wardogsk93 (Perks)
– cjgfrosty (MOTD Models)
– RudySPG (Perk Shaders)
– Iceforge (Death Animation)

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