The Last Dragon Hardcore

The Last Dragon Hardcore
By: IceGrenade

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Based off the original but made harder for those crazy nutters!
Original Map:


I put a lot of effort into making these maps for all you guys out there. I don’t expect any donations, but if you did want to help buy me a can of beans / help pay my rent so I can keep making these then please donate here[] 🙂

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13 Perks
Buildable Dragon Shield
Buyable Ending
Custom Music (All Copyright-free)
Custom Dragon Flyover
Custom Shootable Egg Money
Custom Font
Custom Zombie Eye Colour
Custom Zombie Models
Custom Weapons
Respawn Network
Timed Gameplay


Learn to map, Custom Zombie Map Reviews:
Check out my livestreams:


IceGrenade: ICE ZM Mod Level + Credit Script + Shootable + Perk Fixes + Sounds
ZoekMeMaar: helping with ICE ZM Mod Level + CSV fixes + Script cleanup
iBounce: BetterPrint Script
WARDOGSK93: Custom Perks
xSanchez78PERKS: Custom Perks
Natesmithzombies: Custom Powerups + Hitmarkers + Perk Change
Erthrock: Custom Zombie Models + Some Guns
HarryBo21: Origin Pack Guns + Dragon Shield Buildable + Respawn Points
ZeRoY: Various Script Work (Voxes) + Custom Zombies
Ardivee: difficulty setting + voxes setup
Jia909: Custom Weapons
Symbo: Custom Dragon Flyover
DTZXPorter for Wraith + Sound Alias Voxes
UGX: Buyable Ending + Timed Gameplay
Frost Iceforge: Custom Zombie Eye Colour
Songs: Lotus Lane – The Loyalist – Preconceived Notions & Mindkeys – Ascension
Please let me know if I missed anyone, will add right away if I have!


china great wall of chinese oriental saumari warrior master dojo castle hill defence attack defend tower icegrenade hardcore hard impossible challenge difficult insane

Leaderboards HH:MM:SS

00:23:10 IceGrenade, (Ragemines (afk), Kryptix, Gahootiez

00:25:50 Josh
00:27:26 IceGrenade
00:27:27 Gahootiez
00:31:54 Matic
00:32:25 Spuddley
To get on the leaderboards please link a video of your playthrough of the map and specify your name(s). Thanks.

Known Bugs

See Change Comments for bugs/fixed bugs. If you find anymore bugs please let me know kindly. Much appreciated.


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