The Hive

The Hive
By: .mindmirror

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The Hive – Sierra Nevada – June 2017
What purpose had this place? Find it out!

Hello and welcome to my next map! This time i present you The Hive! Don’t forget to rate. ;D
All music containing in this map are copyright free (Lullaby for a Dead Man & Grape Soda).


– White Zombie Eyes
– BO1, BO2 and AW weapons
– Music Easteregg
– WAW, BO1 and BO2 models & textures
– Glowing perk shaders
– Ambient sounds
– Radio Sounds
– Custom textures
– Nacht Der Untoten Zombie Groans
– Shootable Easteregg
– PhD Flopper!
– No Endgame


– DTZxPorter (Wraith 3.8)
– El Ricos (AW Weapons)
– HarryBo21 (BO2 Weapons)
– Jia909 (BO1 Weapons)
– RudySPG (Animated Perk Shaders)
– Wardog (PhD Flopper)
– Frost Iceforge (Zombie Eye FX)
– IceGrenade (Shootable Easteregg)

(Minor Bug: Theres one glitched traverse animation wich i can’t fix. It’s not game breaking.)



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