Ski Resort

Ski Resort
By: JBird632

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[Note: the map has been patched to work after Black Ops 3’s latest update that broke all custom maps] (3/6/2018)

* This map is a submission in the YouAlwaysWin 2017 Christmas Mapping Contest *

Come together this holiday to slay the evil spirit Frosty. Our crew continue their battle on a ski resort taking place on Christmas day. Help save christmas!

– Chairlift escape vehicle
– Skiing ability
– Perk Hats
– PHD Flopper (land in a slide to explode)
– Custom Gobblegum machines
– Snowblower and Escalator Traps
– Reindeer dog rounds
– Easteregg and Boss Fight
– Buildable Scavenger and Xmas Shield

(Note for youtubers/streamers)
This map may contain copyright music, but it is all under the “Music” channel in the settings if you want to turn it off.

Special Thanks:
Awesome Pieman – general scripting knowledge help
Ardivee (RDV) – raygun mk3 alias names, 3rd person animation help
DTZxPorter – Wraith and L3akMod
SE2Dev – L3akMod
Nukem – L3akMod
Zeroy – Outdoor Volume fix for Snow fx and zombie pathing for solo laststand and in plain sight

Beta Testers:
Awesome Pieman



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