Kalach 1947

Kalach 1947
By: TheFilthySandwich

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Welcome to Kalach!

Set in 1947 after world war 2. The germans won after inventing time travel. Find out the secrets that kalach has to offer.


What included in Kalach –


– 13 Perks
– 67 Standard/Custom Weapons
– Easter Eggs
– Main Easter Egg
– Custom Sounds
– Custom Models
– Custom Zombie Models
– Brutus / Is actually hard to kill.. HE IS A BOSS ZOMBIES! Be Careful!
– Custom Pack A Punch Camo’s
– Custom Pack A Punch Area’s / 40% Chance at PAP Area
– World At War Sounds
– Soul Collecters
– Buyable Ending
– Daytime Switch
– Buildable Power

And much much more!

Easter Egg Guide
– Shoot all 8 Summoning Key (Not Hard To Find)
– Find The Open Gate
– Press The Switch
– Find The Next Open Gate
– Leave Kalach

Credits –
ii R3cKYOuRSOul x

What was fixed in version 1.1?
– Spawn Fixes / Shouldn’t be as slow at the start now
– Fixed voice acting (Not as annoying)
– Extra Detail
– More Little Easter Eggs
– More Audio Easter Eggs
– More Area’s
– More Buyable’s
– Daytime Switch
– Teleporter Fixes
– Soul Collector Fixes
– Some Clip Fixes

What was fixed in version 1.2?
– More Detail
– New Area on train ally
– Reduced debris prices (only small changes) Due to community feedback
– 1 New Weapon
– Bug Fixes
– Clip Fixes

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Add me on Twitter! – TheFilthySandwich

I’m sorry but this is needed to be said..

1. Shut up about brutus if he was ‘Broken’ I’d of fixed him by now he is the way I wanted him to be and if no one can kill him then why the ♥♥♥♥ are you even playing zombies? Honestly get good at it and actually learn how to play because if you struggle to defeat him you’re a terrible player. So no I will not ‘Fix this’ if you don’t enjoy its simple don’t play my map.

2. Shut up about door prices too.. I’ve already put the prices down to make you crap players happy and yet again if you still want to complain you just look like a idiot who can’t play zombies don’t shout it out like it’s my fault your♥♥♥♥♥♥at this game.

Have some respect for the mapper who takes nearly half his year to build something for you to play.. Without people like me these mod tools wouldn’t even be here.




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