By: Zindea

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Richtofen found an old temple enveloped by the jungle. In his quest to find the ultimate power he ignores the dark power that resides there…

  1. A brand new wonder weapon with 3 special abilities
  2. New zombie models
  3. Lots of story hints
  4. A full easter egg
  5. An arena
  6. An alternative to perk change
  7. 2 music easter eggs
  8. Custom doors
  9. A brand new music system
  10. A Customizable Jumppad
  11. Keeper Round Bosses


Map idea: Zindea
Mapping Help: JBird632, M5_Prodigy
Story writing: Zindea, TheBlueFluffyGaming
Scripting: Zindea
Testing: Zindea, Psy0ch, WolfiDerBAKA, MrDalekJD, TheBlueFluffyGaming, IceGrenade
Music: Zindea, TGH, Treyarch, RG Music



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