Lockdown -1946

Lockdown - 1946
By: TheFilthySandwich

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Welcome to Lockdown.

Lockdown takes place one year before ‘Kalach’. The crew travel back in time to December 11th 1946 to discover where this infection first took place.
Lockdown offers tons of surprises and mystery’s to uncover but never forget your main objective which is to find a way to launch the rockets
and destroy this place for good.

This map is built and tested how I wanted it to be designed. You’re all welcome to give feedback but please be adviced that this is how it was designed to be played.

If you haven’t played the previous map in the story ‘Kalach’ you can download it here.



– 7 Perks
– 52 Standard/Custom Weapons
– Easter Eggs
– Main Easter Egg
– Custom Sounds
– Custom Models
– Custom Zombie Models
– Brutus
– Custom Pack A Punch Camo’s
– Soul Collecters
– Buyable Ending
– Buildable Power
– The Giant Teleporters
– Traps
– Easter Egg Song
– Custom Death Machine
– Custom Buildable Dragon Sheild
– Napalm Zombie Boss
– Shrieker Zombie Boss
– Custom Character Models
– Character Voices
– Kino Styed Teleporter



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