The Drill

The Drill
By: ]K6[-Grimm

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Mining in space, seems safe enough, until you discover a new rock that seems to turn your workforce in to a bunch of mindless, flesh craving zombies that would like nothing better than to munch on your melon!

Now its up to you to find your way off this rock before you become a permanent (and maybe a little rotten) fixture.

Difficulty and EE stuffs!


Difficulty affects, door cost, perk limits, special zombie health and total special zombies, boss health and frequency, and total zombies during end game, and ee requirements, Easter egg on hard requires you to find the 3 bears before soul collectors activate, normal just requires the power to be turned on, easy the soul collectors are on from the start. Also remember that alien planets may have no atmosphere outside!



  • Variable difficulty
  • Dynamic door pricing
  • Custom weapon buy, weapon trading and perk machines
  • Custom perk
  • Custom animated soul collectors
  • Buyable ending (if you get that far, easy difficulty doesn’t count)
  • more custom models than a thing with lots of custom models
  • A boss, maybe a few..




MakeCents Melvin D-tox Zeroy Eltitopricus Uptownpapi25 jjakob


Testers and other things:


Frenchtoast HitmanVere Ardivee D3V team ege

PS. the map has in testing, been completed solo on its hardest difficulty in 22 rounds.

Coop may crash clients (host is fine) after game end, you can restart the map in menu even after the game ends, but if your playing coop do it before the scoreboard shows or use /map_restart in console to prevent a crash. this is due to custom character models and currently has no fix.

VIdeo Of the map being completed on hardest difficulty is available here



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