Zombie Castle [Easy Mode]

Zombie Castle [Easy Mode]
By: Sphynx

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This was originally a very hard to complete challenge map, but I was told it might have been too hard. So I decided to upload an easier version so that most people will be able to complete it.

It will still be somewhat challenging to keep the fun.


An abandoned castle that is on the edge of being overrun. Are you able to stop the zombies from overrunning the castle?

King Geoffrey build this castle to make sure the enemy wouldn’t get a chance to reach the top. But now the four iconic characters, Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo and Nikolai need a place to rest, but they need to clear the Castle of King Geoffrey first. Are they able to do it?

– Custom Pack-a-Punch
– Perk-a-Holic Perk (Out of order)
– Soul boxes (custom ones)
– Activation and deactivated indicator
– No Perk Limit
– HarryBo’s weapons
– Custom Zombie Models
– Timed Gameplay
– Infinite Zombie Rounds
– Character Voices
– Spare Change
– Perk Shaders
– Buyable Ending
– Shootable Easter egg (extra perk)
– Small Easter Egg

× Perk-a-Holic doesn’t work as intended (not usable)
× widows wine get spawned but trigger is not there (fixed in next update)

* HarryBo21
* JBird632
* ZeRoY
* DTZxPorter
* if you think you should be added, please let me know in the comments

If you want to contact me on discord to have a nice talk about the map or give feedback you can do this at my discord: Sphynx#5943 or message me on steam


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