Trump Vs. The Tranny’s

Trump Vs. The Tranny's
Version: 1.2 By: Noahst

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Oh no! here come the bathroom trolls!!! play as president trump and stop the trannys from taking over!

V1.2 upload. 

-fixed dempsey quotes occasionally playing
-all players now have trump quotes played


– Small/medium map
– Modern warfare weapons
– Zap guns/wavegun from moon (thank you X0master!!!)
– Tranny zombies (yes, theyre really trannys!)
– Custom sound
– Easter egg music made and approved for use in this level by Mr. Liqz!
– All custom sound, including zombie moans and round change music

Known Bugs/Issues

-when picking up a new weapon when you have the combined wavegun, weapon slots become glitched
-Wavegun does not give points (sorry!! i hope to do an update in the future with a bug fix)
-Desert Eagle reload sounds do not play


– Mr. Liqz for music
– X0master for wavegun/zap guns
– Tom Crowley for his software
– Bluntstuffy for his soul box
– Donald trump for his eloquent quotes



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