Das Stahllabor

Das Stahllabor
By: Haxzerz

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Deep beneath the surface lies a high-tech underground laboratory, its primary function being researching devastatingly harmful experimental weaponry. A large portion of these research projects featured the ever lethal chemical known simply as, Nova 6.

After an alledged “accidental” mass leak of said chemical the facility and its workers have been forced into demon-like proportions. In their quest of finding the elusive artifact they’ve been searching for, our four heroes boldy venture downwards into the unknowns, prepared to face the nightmare that lurks below.


Much like my previous map, Das Stahllabor is, by design, a challenging map. I’ve personally never been a fan of zombie maps that are just too easy (ex. Der Eisendrache) or maps that can otherwise be easily cheated with something like Dead Wire. This map is relatively close-quarter orientated, and will generally keep you on alert at all times. However, unlike my previous map, Das Stahllabor includes a full five part easter egg questline (which is driven by dialogue from the doctor himself!).

This is in addition to a couple of smaller side easter eggs and a music easter egg as well. Upon completing the main easter egg, players also have the option to escape the laboratory and end the game. For a full list of features, view the credits section down below.


Scripting & Gameplay Elements:

Abnormal202, NateSmithZombies, SomeDudesFatMom, MakeCents – Major scripting references that allowed for my own understanding / implementation of basic scripting.

NateSmithZombies – Kino-Style Teleporter, Empty Bottle Powerup, Ending, Perkaholic Reward, Perk Machine Change, Door Opening Sounds, Brutus.
JBird632 – Traversal & Music Easter Egg Prefabs
UGX-Mods – Mystery Box / Dog Spawns Prefabs
HarryBo21 – Der Riese Teleporter Prefab, PPSH PaP Camo Fix
Frost Iceforge – BO2 Death Animation, Green Zombie Eyes
RudySPG – Origins styled D-Pad HUD icon.
DTZxPorter & Ardivee – Character Voices (Voxes) Tutorial and Aliases.
Scobalula – Manual Vox Trigger Syntax
SomeDudesFatMom – Dog Round Fog, Kino-Style Box Locator, Zombie Spawn Pausing, Specific Weapon Detection
MakeCents – Soul Collectors (For those who dislike soul collectors, fear not, as they are only used as part of the Easter Egg. In other words, they aren’t just ham-fisted in.)
ZombieKid164 – Elevator
Ardivee, DTZxPorter, Graffiti, Hitmanvere – Missing Sound Aliases
Ice Grenade – Round Sound Aliases
UptownPapi25 – Electric Trap
The Indestructable Mike Pence – Richtofen 1.0 Character Model
Symbo – Richtofen 1.0 Idle Animation
Ardivee – Random Mystery Box Starting Location
iBounce – Custom Text Printing

ProRevenge’s Weapon Ports (M1911, Galil, M16, AK74U, MP40, STG-44, AN-94, Ray Gun Mark II, M1 Garand, Olympia, MSMC, China Lake, MP28, Ray Gun Mk. I Rework):

ProRevenge – Porting the Weapons.
DTZxPorter – Wraith and Kronos Tools, Weapon Settings Assistance.
Azsry – Kronos Assistance, PaP Camo Tutorial, Weapon Converter.
Collie – Improved Conversion Rig.
xSanchez78 – Conversion rig for Infinite Warfare to Black Ops III.
Lilrifa – Bullet impacts for RPK and ripping assets for the STG-44 and MP40.
HitmanVere – RPK rifle shell ejects, WPI Program that assisted with animation / rigging.
Scobalula – One Click Does Plenty Tool for Maya 2016.
HarryBo21 – Porting the animations for the AK74U, porting the models and animations for the China Lake, as well as assisting with setting up Mustang & Sally.
El Ricos & El Tito Pricus – Assistance with M1 Garand Sprinting Animations.
Treyarch – Base Assets for the Weapons.
Infinity Ward – Base Assets for the M1 Garand and MP28.

Panzer Soldat:

SomeDudesFatMom – Porting the Panzer.
DTZxPorter – Wraith and Kronos Tools.
NateSmithZombies – Boss Zombie Script Template (Brutus).

Moon Zombie Models:

Me – Porting the Moon Zombies.
DTZxPorter – Wraith and Kronos Tools.
ZeRoY – Reference Material (NRC Zombies).
Treyarch – Base Zombie Assets.

Shadows of Evil Perk Shaders (Icons):

Snprym – Porting / Creating the Shaders.
DTZxPorter – Wraith and Kronos tools.
Exofile – Assistance in Finding the Shaders.
NoobforLunch & Ice_Grenade – Perk Shader Tutorial / Download.
Treyarch – Base Assets.

HarryBo21’s Perks (PHD Flopper, Who’s Who, Electric Cherry, Widow’s Wine):

A collaboration by Harry Bo21, Lilrifa, Yen466, Madgaz, Yen, Easysk@nka, ProRevenge, DTZxPorter, Zeroy, StevieWonder87, BluntStuffy, RedSpace200, thezombieproject, Smasher248, JiffyNoodles, MZSlayer, AndyWhelen, HitmanVere, ProGamerzFTW, Scobalula, GerardS0406, PCModder, IperBreach, TomBMX, Treyarch and Activision, and AllModz.

L3akMod (Custom LUI HUD):

The D3V Team (DTZxPorter, SE2Dev, Nukem) – Developers of L3akMod, The Giant HUD Template
QuentinFTL – Map Name on Scoreboard


“Archangel” – Treyarch (Kevin Sherwood, Elena Siegman, Malukah, and Clark S. Nova)
“Long Note 3” – Kevin Macleod, incompetech.com (Royalty Free)
“Mall Music 3” – Dead Rising
Various pieces from the Ascension, Der Eisendrache, Moon, and Origins Soundtracks – Treyarch

Also a big thanks to UptownPapi25, JBird632, Madgaz Gaming, CraftDAnimations, IceGrenade, and UGO aka Wakka for their awesome mod tools tutorials as well as ACDEHDGaming’s excellent collection of tutorials.



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