Zombie Halloween

Zombie Halloween
By: wakka, ZeRoy, Maciej Ray Marcin [KAFF], Ardivee, ConvictioNDR & MakeCents

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Dempsey Richtofen Nikolai & Takeo are entering the undead graveyard for Halloween you know its gonna be fun already 

For the Halloween holiday season a bunch of us original alpha testers on the modtools decided to embark on a little spooky project. 

This was only a week ago and we are thrilled to present you with this Zombie level which was a team effort in bringing a lot of what we have been testing and implementing since the modtools were released. 

Here are some of the features present in the level: 

– Custom weapons 
– Imported music voxes models 
– Custom Dog Ai and new model 
– Custom scripting for various aspect *we’ll let you discover those 😉 
– Custom FXs 

And of course the usual suspects: 

– Few perk machines (there are other ways to get perks!) 
– Wall buys 
– Mystery Box 
– PAP Quest 
– EEs 

Known Issues:

– Running the map with Developer options on will cause error spam in log

Now for the credits thanks all! 

Layout Mapping Level Design: Zeroy 
Main scripting: Ardivee & Makecents 
Weapons: TitoPricus ConvictioNDR Rollon 
Music: Mainly Treyarch & Paul Christoforakos 
Research and various help: Wakka Ray1235 
Additional Scripting: Nate Smith 
Pumpkin Voice: Madgaz 
Electric Cherry Model by Jbird632 
Tools : DTZxPorter (Wraith) – Bram (modtools helper) 

!!!Happy Halloween!!!



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