Beats Street

Beat Street
By: Dark Helmet

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Three CIA operatives- Agent Snake, Agent Tony, and Agent Sklirt, collaborate with Dr.Richtofen to set things right in their home town, Beats Street.

After a surprise nuclear attack by North Korea on New Year’s Eve 2018 occurred across the U.S, our heroes returned to their beloved Colorado block in a state of ruin. Agents Snake, Tony, and Sklirt all moved on to live normal lives for 5 years until Agent Snake was approached by Dr.Richtofen, who claims they have a special connection.

The three agents decide to collaborate with the doctor as he promised a way to redeem the souls of the lives lost on Beats Street using the all-powerful Dude Ring.

But what are the doctor’s motives? Our heroes grow more suspicious by the minute as the truth unravels itself in the third chapter of the Beats Universe-

Beats Street!


– Full Length, Multi step Easter Egg with Ending

– 12 Perks including a custom perk, Monster Energy, (Fire while Sprinting) and a new way to obtain perks

– Fully Functioning Origins Staffs with compatible Buildable inventory

– The Return of the Panzer Soldat (SDFM)

– Buildable Shield

– Buildable Sliquifier

– Custom playable Characters ( MikePence)

– Custom Buried Zombies (Erthrock)

– Custom weapons from Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare Remastered (HarryBo21 and Skye)

– All MWR weapons are inspectable (lilrobot) and have a Pack-a-Punch custom scrolling camo

– Custom Jukebox as well as several other Easter Egg songs in each house

– Round Based “Super” Easter Egg

– Hidden Letters Easter Egg revealing story elements as well as some hints for the Easter Egg quest

– Custom Santa Care Package Easter Egg

– 10 hidden bottles Perkaholic Easter Egg

– Level-spanning Sound design with New Year’s music, as well as ambient sound design throughout the map.

– Usage of Ambient Volumetric Fog and Ardivee’s Snow Mod

– Buildable Power switch, as well as the inclusion of traps (HarryBo21 and Symbo)

– Swimmable water, custom fonts, and many more small custom easter eggs around the map


+ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(SDFM) for Panzer Soldat Script
+ HarryBo21 for his Perks, Weapons, Staffs and Soul Box Scripts
+ MakeCents for his Soul Box script
+ QuentinFTL for his LUA Inventory
+ Skye for his MWR guns and camo template
+ BlackShadow for being a Complete Beat

More Credits…

Lilrobot(Weapon inspect)
Frosty (eye color)
NSZ (ending)
Uptown (video player)
Treyarch and Activision
Psh (partial care package script)
spaghett aka Poopbeast
Kanye West
Master Gowasu and his Apprentice
Ninja and Dr.Lupo
Dumb and Dumber



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