Pew News City

Pew News City
By: IceGrenade

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Welcome to the War on T-Series. For Far too long T-Series has threatened PewDiePie on taking over YouTube. Play this map to help restore beauty to the world. Tell your friends to play it. Subscribe to PewDiePie.
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No need to Donate, a simple upvote/share is epic!


If you want to donate a small amount, say enough for me to enjoy a drink it would be much appreciated! Or some beans, beans are good.


If you find bugs please report them and I will do my best to fix them asap.
Enjoy this madness! I had a lot of fun making this one! Made the whole thing live on YouTube:

Leaderboard – Solo
  • 00:13:43 Darkly
  • 00:15:22 Oskars
  • 00:20:17 raulslide
  • 00:22:56 MASTERxBLASTER
  • 00:24:38 JoelRiveraGarcia
  • 00:24:38 TheDawnFox
  • 00:39:52 Warhead783
  • 00:41:36 Kuudere Ghost
  • 01:05:18 PizzaTime
Leaderboard – Coop
  • 00:18:26 Meaty, Gunns4Hire
  • 00:25:42 27kZombie Vendetta, Bobert
  • 00:26:13 Ascended Zombie, the Nothing, Main Street Elec
  • 00:37:06 Elgamingchannel, Noro
  • 00:38:37 xdferpc, IceGrenade, KillJoy

(To submit a record; link valid evidence of your gameplay in a comment)

  • Lot’s of crazy sounds of the man himself PewDiePie
  • Barrel Easter Egg
  • Pew News Tower Easter Egg
  • Music Easter Egg
  • 100+ Weapons with Skins
  • Endless Spawning
  • No Perk Limit (Except one on wunderfizz)
  • Custom HUD Images
  • New Custom Wallbuys
  • Custom Font
  • Last Man Alive Suspense Music


Future Updates
  • Custom Fog


More IceGrenade Maps


IceGrenade: ICE ZM Mod Level, Timescript, Music Edits, Easter Egg, Mapping, Scripting, FX
Symbo: Scripting and Support
ZoekMeMaar: ICE ZM Mod Level, Timescript, Thunderstorm
iBounce: BetterPrint Script
Natesmithzombies: Powerups, Hitmarkers & Last Man Suspense Music
Erthrocks: Weapon Ports
Tito Pricus: Weapon Ports
HarryBo21: Weapon Ports & Perks
ZeRoY & Ardivee: Difficulty Setting & Voxes
DTZXPorter: Wraith, LUA & Alias Names
UGX: Buyable Ending & Timed Gameplay
Stream Support Crew: Fiveseven, Skeedard, Krytix Gaming, Patch the-first, Symbo, k3nt, Peter 1991, Skalv, Leo Kerschbaumer, MysteryKingdom



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