Zorwalk Motorsports Park

Zorwalk Motorsports Park
By: ChaseMeTV

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Welcome to Zorwalk Motorsports Park, the greatest facility in Motorsports……at least before the infection. When the infection spread, a group of survivors stumbled upon the facility and thought it was an excellent place to form a stronghold. Over the course of a few months, the survivors rigged the facility up. Ziplines, weapons, and ammunition stocks to prepare for potential attacks. Everything went well for many months, until the infection grew worse. The zombies began to enter with ease. The survivors quickly realized that they had not planned any methods of escape. They need to find a way out….


  • Full Mission / Easter Egg (Can follow the board in spawn for step-by-step instructions, or do it blind.)
  • Boss Fight / Several Other Fight Sections (Scales based on player count)
  • Side Mission for Song & Special Weapon (Should be no issues for videos.)
  • Dragster Trap
  • Bed / Day or Night
  • Hidden Room
  • 3 “Memories” (Lore)
  • 14 Perks
  • Pack-a-punch

Zorwalk is a detailed recreation of Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. (I am not associated with them, and the map is not meant to represent their business in any way.) I started this ridiculous project over two years ago. I started with very little experience, I had no idea what I was getting into trying to make this. Thousands of hours and over two years later, I have ended up with a product that I am extremely proud of. No programming experience at the beginning, but I ended up scripting a relatively complicated easter egg/mission and have kind of fallen in love with programming. The map is extremely detailed considering the massive scale, there are areas detailed pretty heavily that will hardly even be seen, in part due to how I built it. I built the entire facility to a pretty accurate degree, and then converted it into a zombie map, picking and choosing which areas needed to be active. I was hitting pretty much every limit that the engine has, and had to get creative to get everything to work. I could keep adding and improving things forever, but I think it is at the perfect stage now. I expect the only updates to be fixes. Thanks to everyone on the forums and the discord for the help throughout. It is now time to move onto a new learning project, Unity. I hope everyone enjoys the map, let me know any issues you may find, and feel free to check me out at Twitch.tv/LtsChase.

Also if you are interested in checking out more of the racing stuff, you could start here with my dad’s $50,000 Win.

**Let me know if I am missing anyone**

  • Song – Keep It In The Groove by Bill Manrot and Joe Belluomimi
  • Thanks to the Frewin guy for helping me test.
  • TheSkyeLord
  • JBird632
  • Erthrock
  • Aszry
  • DTZxPorter
  • Madgaz182 – Ammo Matic
  • Collie
  • UGO aka Wakka
  • Craft D Animations
  • Zeroy
  • Raptroes
  • Symbo
  • NateSmithZombies
  • ZombieKid164 – Elevator
  • Abnormal202
  • Harrybo21
  • Frost Iceforge
  • Uptownpapi25
  • Divinefury5 – Zipline
  • Matarra – Zipline
  • Ice Grenade
  • Zynx
  • ProRevenge
  • RudySPG – UI Template
  • IgorMontana – Camaro model
  • Treyarch – For the beautiful mod tools
  • If you can’t figure out the garage door code from the clues within the map… The code is: 3458
  • If you can’t figure out how to get to pack-a-punch At the top of the right grandstands there are gates blocking a zipline off, the gates are removed by killing zombies by the lock on the gates.
  • The secret room is…. Found by shooting one of the pictures in the office building by the starting line, where a button will appear to open up a hatch in the floor to the basement.



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