Die Rise: Roof

Die Rise: Roof
By: Mr Wafflez

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A remake of the roof from Die Rise (BO2).

– Standard BO2 weapons and BO3 remastered weapons (from HarryBO21’s weapon pack)
– BO2 models (exported using DTZxPorter’s Wraith, now open-source)
– 5 perk machines: Jugg, Quick Revive, Double Tap, Speed Cola, and Der Wunderfizz
– Buried zombies (Erthrock)
– Die Rise skybox (NoobForLunch)
– Blue zombie eyes (Frost IceForge)
– Victis crew (MikePence)
– BO3 Zombies Chronicles sounds

PERK LIMIT: 5 (due to a perkaholic easter egg): **wink wink** shoot for the stars **hint hint**

Extra Credits:
– Original Die Rise BO2 Geo: used as reference (Scobalula)

Extra Stuff:
Similarly to the last map I released, this is just a small area from Die Rise. I’m considering remaking more areas of the map in the future. Feedback is appreciated.

I’ve also remade the sliquifier floor from Die Rise. Here’s the link if you want to download it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1257861365

Also, feel free to post links in the comments to any gameplay videos.



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