Bullen’s Dungeon

Bullen's Dungeon
By: Crazy Bullen

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Bullen’s Dungeon
The hardest map you ever seen! Bullen’s Tower? Was just a warm-up!
Use M2 Flamethrower as your secondary if you get stuck with a Zombie train, or use it as your Primary, but less Points giving. Hope you have fun, even if you may be angry at the dogs! Just a tip: Use your knife at the dogs to let you shoot faster after reload.

#Wallbuy Weapons: World War II
#Magic Box Weapons: Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare + predict surprises

#Dogs spawning in normal rounds [Insane].
#Half Points less from killing. [Crusaders Ale is needed! Knife to get Double points!]
#Increased damage to Snipers, Shotguns and late game weapons. [No need for Double Tap or PAP]
#M2 Flamethrower; Cost 750 Start Weapon. Kill instant with the fire, with a tough cooldown.
#Moving blocks at the end! Be careful, use double jump with the Bull-Ice-Blast perk.
#Buyable Ending: 50.000

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Credit to Icegrenade.
Credit to Sir-Tanks-Alot & Khroma; My personal betatester.
Credit to Skye’s & lilrobot; WW2 Weapons, Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare.
Credit to Harry’s; Perks, Napalm Zombies.
Credit to DTZxPorter, Scobalula, Collie & Zeroy; Custom Playermodels.
Credit to Abnormal202; Snail’s Pace Slurpee & Cryo.
Credit to Kaizokuroof; Atomic Lliqueur, Salvage Shake;
Credit to Madgaz; Banana Colada, Crusaders Ale, Moonshine, Bull ice blast.
Credit to Kabe; Dog-Non-Stop script.



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