Requiem For Primis Richtofen

Requiem For Primis Richtofen
By: Jimmy_94

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After rescuing future versions of themselves in Area 51, Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and new Richtofen are determined to continue their journey, but something unexpected happens when going through the portal…

  • Boss fight
  • Ending cutscene
  • Multiple side quests
  • Challenges
  • Custom dialogues between characters


About the map

This map contains narrative elements and doesn’t follow regular zombies guidelines, at least during most of the experience. To be able to enjoy it at a 100%, I’d recommend getting up to date with the Aether story line and put music and SFX at max in the game settings, then regulate master volume however you want.
The map is divided in three chapters, each with their own enviroment and mechanics: the first one is based on exploration and on players movement; the second one will put you trough several challenges; and the last one will conclude the map at the purest zombie style: rounds, easter egg, boss fight and cinematic.


If you enjoyed the map, the best way to support me is following me on Twitter (@gbergames) and keeping up with my new projects. You have a link on the links section.

Also you can donate if you’d like: PayPal[]

However, if you liked the map, leave a nice comment and i’ll read it.


English translation

TheDawnFox ->YouTube Channel[]
cesar_ye -> Twitter


Piano jingles -> HerbertBoland (Link)[]
Chapter 1 song -> remaxin (Link)[]
Cutscene song -> Kistol (Link)[]


HarryBo21 -> localized strings
Redspace200 -> jump pad
NateSmithZombies -> brutus
WARDOGSK93 -> WunderFizz, bo2 perks
xSanchez78 -> Who’s Who
GRAFFITI -> missing sounds, Wall buys Chalks
HITMANVERE -> missing sounds

IceGrenade, JBird632, Wakka -> youtube tutorials

Jugar en español

El mapa también cuenta con textos en español.
Si tu juego está en cualquier otro idioma, simplemente tienes que cambiar el idioma a español desde las propiedades del juego.



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