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Our 4 heroes find themselves trapped in an old English mining town, what secrets have Group 935 been hiding here
will this be their Atonement……

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AtonemenT credits

Mapping Credits
Myself – main mapping structure and areas
Nuceda – Banana Colada building and adjacent building
Hoodedsniper – Speed Cola Building
Jon Ford – Base layout of Tele Room

Planet – Main EE and many fixes of other scripts
lil Rifa – spawn rush rewards system and lua
Abnormal – Spawn rush and Fire fuel soda perk
Harrybo21 – Wonder weapon/ perks
Symbo – script bundle help and fixes
Will Smith – Custom soul chest , Teleporting Pap, Auto mine cart system
Ardivee – custom boss rounds and boss fight 
Kaizokuroof – Custom teleporter script
Redspace – Jump pad
Forges – weapon swap table

Divinefury – starting weapon, fire fuel soda machine, mystery box , boss round model rigging, plus many enviroment assets
Zeroy – porting many ww2 models
Rob – rail cart machine
Daan Hesterman – Wonderweapon, extractor machines and coin machines

Custom Animations
Divinefury – Enemy boss full anims, Wonder weapon, Mystery Box

Glitch – loading screen & numerous graphic designs
Complx – thumbnail, map select screen, poster
Robit – Spawn Rush popups
Divinefury – Retextured wonder weapon

skyeslord – ww2 weapons
Blak – Hyde ww2 weapon

Additional help
Scob/porter – wraith / greyhound extraction program
Scob – Hydra
Z1620 – reward images
Zeroy – countless hours of help
Seth Norris – countless hours of help
Verko – Lighting assistance and bug finding
Xela – Bug fixing on lights

Testers – Xela, robit ,xpicious , kunjora, scorpolio

A massive thanks to all the people who have helped on this map , if I have forgot anyone please drop me a line and I?ll add you to it



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