Disco Donut

Disco Donut
By: Green Donut

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Welcome to the raving Disco Donut! This map was originally created as a submission to Madgaz’s Bunker 10 community map. After not getting enough votes to be in the map, it sat dormant on my computer for a long time. Now I decided to make it into a 1-room challenge map.

– 2 zombie barricades
– No dog rounds
– 1 mystery box
– 1 Wunderfizz w/ BO3 perks
– 5 perk limit
– Pack-a-Punch
– 1 Gobblegum machine behind an expensive door
– Buyable ending
– Spinning disco balls
– Dope music (3 songs made by A.Bear (me))

Madgaz – original prefab layout, overall cool guy
TheSkyeLord – gunz
HarryBo21 – perks, wunderfizz
Zeroy – badass mf
NoobForLunch – small scripting help, rs buddy
Treminaor – buyable ending
Infinity Ward – some assets
Treyarch & Activision – tools, fueled my interest in level design
– This map was made awhile ago so I may have missed a few

I did not do much detailing recently. I mainly updated the map to be a compatible challenge map.
I promise I have a big map coming soon.



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