Train Dead
By: Avalebor

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this map was created by me (Avalebor / Ava_ru)
The card is simple in execution, but difficult to complete.
Your task is to get to the locomotive and call art support.

– zombie counter
– 7 perks
– purchased end of the game (THE END)
– Infinite Warfare weapons
– no dogs
– no teleports
– no boxes with weapons (all weapons on the walls)

Credits: MrDunlop4 – Nuketown 2025 Character shippuden1592 – zombies Nuketown drdan1959 – Shunting diesel locomotive model asus89 – p6_blk_fluorescent_light models – ugx_weapon_box model shippuden1592 – weapon models: Kendall&Hornet, X-Eon, G-Rail, Atlas the115 – weapon model Dingo Rorke – weapons: m60 nukem – easy_teleporter scripts Mrhankey91, Gogeta – SlideDoors script Tom_Bmx – artillery script SpyroScope – Text type Typewriter



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