Border Patrol

Border Patrol
By: ConvictioNDR

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Word has reached the Commander in Chief, a horde of zombies is coming to immigrate illegally to the land of oppurtunity and kill the tax paying citizens!
Your unit has been deployed to a border checkpoint along the wall to stop a large group from illegally crossing the border. You’ve been approved to use any means necessary, including deadly force.
Good luck, and try not to go on any violent killing sprees in real life after playing this. I know video games can influence you to do so since you have no morals thanks to years of shooting zombies with digital guns.

It is recommended to play this map coop, but it is very much doable solo and to anyone who is up for the challenge it’s a pretty good one.

– Custom Weapons.
– Defense style map. Defend the border for 25 rounds to win.
– Gun Game.
– Sharpshooter.
– One in the Chamber.
– Killstreak perk system.
– Headshot upgrade system.
– Hard Mode. Reduces zombie spawn times and time between rounds. Makes all zombies spawned after activating into sprinters.
– Hidden gnomes that are very helpful if you find all 3. If you can’t find all 3, look to the map’s discussion board. I will make a post that has a screenshot of where all 3 are at.
– Illegal Aliens… or illegal zombies… or both…

Killer Potato – Weapons.
ZCTxCHAOSx – Various help.
Zeroy – Scripting help and zombie models.
lilrobot – Inspectable weapons script.
Erthrock – CDC characters.
DTZxPorter – Wraith.
Scobalula – Greyhound, Hydrax.
DamianoTBM – Weapon Sounds and MW2 Assets help.
raptroes and UltraZombieDino – Weapons Help and Feedback.
Blak – Riley Sound Template.
xSanchez78 – Conversion Rigs.
TheSkyeLord – Reticle Settings.
Infinity Ward/Treyarch/Sledgehammer Games/Raven – Original Game Assets.



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