Stairs Of Ammenu

Stairs Of Ammenu
By: Sphynx

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This map can be found challenging, please be warned!

Full Easter Egg is explained in the Easter Egg Guide Discussion!

An old Egyptian Temple that has been discovered in 1836 was abandoned by the excavation team when they discovered the Egyptian Temple was cursed. Now 140 years later the four heroes, Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo have heard rumors of an Ancient Artifact hidden deep within the Temples Core.

Will they discover the Ancient Artifact in the Temple or is their fate decided.

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I dare you guys to:
  • No Perk Challenge
  • No Jugg Challenge
  • No Gobblegum Challenge
  • Highest Round Record
  • Fast Completion Record
  • First Room Challenge


  • Full Main Easter Egg
  • Boss Fight
  • Multiple Side Easter Eggs
  • 19? Perks
  • Custom Perks
  • Alternative Repacking Weapons
  • Lots of Custom Weapons
  • SOE Portals
  • Challenges
  • Tigers
  • Buyable Ending?
  • Perk descriptions
  • No perk limit

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