By: Cyeguy

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Sinkhole (T4M)


Sinkhole is a 4 room, close quarters, and chaotic map. The map contains custom guns like the scavenger and the thundergun, it contains the 4 original perks, with the addition of stamin up, PhD, and deadshot. Also contains packapunch, but some weapons can not be packed.

Some weapons have been customized, like the automatic Ray Gun MKII.

This map is my first one ever, so it isn’t anything super fancy.


                                                                                                Raygun MKII – Harry BO21
                                                                                                Scavenger – Rorke
                                                                                                Thundergun – Rorke
                                                                                                 Famas, CZ75, perks, ect… – Rorke
                                                                                                Playtester – Chasr34
                                            Big thanks to Cristian_M for doing the scavenger coding and almost all map coding.
                                            The map wouldn’t be anywhere near as good without it or good at all…



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