Cemetery Da Raven Hill

Cemetery Da Raven Hill
By: Crazy Bullen

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Smokie McPotter: This map is certainly up there for the hardest map of all times, and done so purely with zombies. No parkour rage action needed or crazy scripting, just good ‘ol fashion zombies that will make you pull your hair out. Good luck getting past round 3!

Welcome to another Insane map with runners at start, very much increased Zombies at low level and many weapons to buy at start. You got Goliath and zombie dogs against you, Bankdoors you can pay with your friends, a Monkey to shoot to activate the Insane Mode. This map is for you who love a Challange, and in this Maze/Cemeter, you can get stack very fast! So goodluck and GG!

Cemetery da Raven Hill

Starting Health = 4-5 hits.
Starting Wallbuy = M14, M93 Raffica, Five Seven, SPUDD-Glock 18, Skorpion, MP412, Intervention.
Powerup Minigun = Rangers!
Buyable Ending = Bankdoor 90.000 + Buyable Ending for 10.000!
Bankdoors = Players can pay a small amount together to help each other open the doors!

Insane-Mode: Shoot The Monkey

Doubled Zombie Health.
Doubled Amount Zombies.

Zombie Models

Erthrocks – Shang zombiesErthrocks – Kino zombies


100x Parasites!
Non-Stop-Zombie Dogs!

Perks-on-map = 9 Maximum-perks-per-player 8
Magic Box = 63 Weapons!

Read under to see what weapons you can find in the Box; >>>>>>>

Modern Warfare 2

M93 Raffica, SPUDD-Glock 18, Desert Eagle, F2000, FAMAS, M16A4, M4A1, TAR21, AK-47, SCAR-H, FAL, L86 LSW, M240, M1014, SPAS-12, Intervention, RPG-7.

Black Ops 1

M1911, Skorpion, MP1, PM63, Kiparis, Spectre, AK74u, UZI, M14, Enfield, G11, AK47, AUG, Commando, HK21, HS10, WA2000, Dragunov, China Lake.

Modern Warfare 3

Five Seven, Five Seven DW, MP412, MP5, PM9, UMP45, FMG9, MP7, PP90ML, P90, TYPE95, USAS-12, Model1887, Striker.

Black Ops 2



K7, Vector CRB, Vepr, CBJ-MS, AK12, Maverick, Honeybadger, Maverick_A2.

Black Ops 4

Ray Gun.

If you want to donate a small amount.



Credit to Harry’s; Perks & Goliath.
Credit to Kabe; Dog-Non-Stop script.
Credit to Erthrocks; Shang & Kino zombies.
Credit to OffTheGrid & Tyler Helliwell; Black Ops 4 Ray Gun.
Credit to Skye’s & lilrobot; Weapon ports.
Credit to Author & Ducky & HarryBO21; Bankdoors.
Credit to Symbo; Parasites.
Credit to Icegrenade; Auto Zones.



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