Renaissance Zombie Mod

Renaissance Zombies Mod
By: Partisan Executioner, Slayerbeast12, xSanchez78 & Kagamine Addict

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This mod can be used with all offical maps.

You thought changing the past wouldn’t have any consequences didn’t ya? Your actions have lead to the creation of this dimension, nothing.. NOTHING is right. Now you have to live all those moments over again, from the airfield to the moon base only this time things are different much more different….


– Colt M1911A1, Sandstorm Model, BO1 Anims
– TT-33, Gamebanana/Hollowpoint Model, BO1 CZ75 Anims
– Colt King Cobra, Gamebanana/ Thanez Model, BO2 Anims
– Mauser M712, WW2

Submachine Guns

– M1921AC Tommy Gun, BO4
– MP40, WW2
– IMI UZI, Ins Sandstorm Model, BO2 Anims
– Bergmann MP28, WW2
– H&K UMP-45, IW
– H&K MP5A4, Ins Sandstorm Model, BO2 Anims
– Nambu Type 100, WW2
– PPSH-41, BO3

Bolt Action Rifles

– K98K, WW2
– Lee Enfield Mk. 4, WW2
– Springfield M1903A1, WW2
– Meiji Type 38, WW2
– Cheytac M200 Intervention, IW

Battle/Assault/Carbine Rifles

– M1 Garand, WW2
– Gewher 43, WW2
– WZ. 1938 Karabin, WW2
– Siminov PTRS-41, WW2
– Winchester 1894 Lever Action, WW2
– M1/M2 Carbine, WW2
– ACC Honey Badger, Ghosts
– AKS-74U, Ins Sandstorm Model, BO3 Anims
– FG42, WW2
– STG-44, DOI Model, WW2 Anims
– MKB-42(H) Akimbo, KF2 Model/ IW Anims
– Colt USAF M16, BO3 Model, BO2 Anims
– IMI Galil ARM, BO3 Model, BO4 Anims
– Beretta ARX-160, IW
– FNFAL G Series, Ins Sandstorm Model, BO2 Anims
– M14/SA M1A, MWR Model, BO3 Anims
– Izhmash AKM, MWR Model, BO4 Anims
– FN SCAR-H MK. 17, Sandstorm Model, CODOL Anims
– BAR M1918A2, WW2
– SA80, Sandstorm Model, Ghosts Anims
– Steyr AUG, Gamebanana/4ECHO Model, BO1 Anims

Machine Guns

– RPK-74, Bo3 Model, BO1 Anims
– Maxim MG-08 “Zweihander”, BO4
– HK21E, BO1
– MG42, WW2
– Hotchkiss M1909, BO4
– M134 Minigun, MWR Model, BO1 Anims


– Sawn Off Model 21, WW2
– Beretta Model 682/Rottweil 72, BO3
– Model 1887, COD Online
– Winchester Model 1897 Trench Gun, BO4
– Walther Toggle Action, WW2
– Franchi SPAS-12, IW
– MPS AA-12, COD Online Anims, KF2 Model
– M30 Luftwaffe Drilling, WW2
– Blunderbuss, WW2


– Milkor MGL M32, KF2 Model, BO2 Anims
– Panzerschrek, WW2
– Fliegerfaust, WW2


– Explosive Crossbow, WW2
– M2 Flamethrower, WW2


– Parabolic Combat Knife, MWR Model, BO1 Anims
– Ballistic Knife BO2 W/ Kbar, BO2/WW2 Models, BO1 Anims
– Bowie Knife 2065, BO1 anims, BO3 Model
– Sickle, BO1 anims, BO3 Model
– Galva Knuckles, BO2

Elemental Weapons

– Ray Gun, BO4 Model, BO2 Anims
– Ray Gun Mk. II, BO3
– Wonderwaffe DG-2, BO3
– Winter’s Howl- BO4 Model, BO1 anims
– Thundergun, BO3
– Shrink Ray, BO3
– Wavegun, BO1 anims, BO3 Model


– M24 Stielhandgranate, WW2
– M67 Fragmentation Grenade, MWR Model, BO1 anims
– Semtex Grenade 2025, BO2
– Widows Wine Grenades, BO3
– Bounching Betties, WW2, WAW Anims
– Claymore, MWR- Claymores + Spikemore Replacement, BO1 Anims
– Gersh Device, BO1 Anims, BO3 Model
– Matryoshka Dolls, BO1 anims, BO3 Model
– Quantum Entanglement Device, BO1 Anims, BO3 Model
– Syrette, BO4
– Monkey Bombs, BO1 anims, BO3 Model
– Zombie Meat, BO2
– Hacker, BO3
– P.E.S Helmet, BO3

// General Gameplay Changes (Because u probably too lazy to click the link)

– All maps can be played in a single mod
– Moving backwards does not penalize your movement speed
– Zombie Chronicles hands for Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen
– New viewhands for P.E.S. suit
– New powerup and perk shaders
– Revive range increased
– Bonfire sale and Perk Drop powerups appear in the later rounds round 12+
– WAW pap camo for all guns (blue/silver)
– Players go down in 3 hits like BO3 (stacks with Jugg)
– Fire sale added to all WAW maps
– Additional powerups such as Bonfire Sale, Firesale, Zombie Blood, All Revive, Bonus Points and two custom ones
– Added PAP spawn powerup into Verruckt and Shi No Numa that spawns pack a punch at a random location around the map, last for 2 minutes.
– Zombie Blood player model is changed to the Nazi zombie model for all maps
– Players cannot be hurt by barrier zombies while in Zombie Blood
– Grabbing a powerup that is already active will stack to it’s current time instead of resetting the timer
– Fixed downed players being able to damage alive players
– 1 second immunity to zombies after getting revived in both solo and coop
– Dead Players can type to alive ones
– Musical Easter Eggs can be re-activated 3 rounds after the song finishes playing (includes Nacht radio, Verruckt toliet, and SNN Telephone)
– Included Meat powerup from BO2 grief
– Meat powerup can be thrown at teammates and switching weapons will immediately drop it on the ground
– Meat has no effect on players in zombie blood
– All easter eggs except Acension’s can be completed with any amount of players
– Zombie Chronicles round music
– Player hit sounds from Zombie Chronicles
– Indicator sound in Acension and Call of the Dead when players receive perk rewards
– BO2 death hands
– Decreased round intermission time from 10 to 9 seconds
– Zombie Chronicles bleed out and last stand audio
– Added BO4 style powerup buildup effect (now you don’t have to worry about knifing a zombie and getting a nuke)
– All Revive powerup has been added to larger maps, (Also revives players in Who’s Who and gives them back their perks)
– Players can give unwanted weapons to others by simply knifing the box for them to grab (Like BO4)
– Instead of set having set locations powerup icons now move to the side like BO2
– Meat powerup cannot be grabbed if the player has a deathmachine or wonderwaffe powerup vise versa
– All characters have pain and grunt/exert sounds
– Box locations now have the BO3 teddy on top
– Mystery Box spawns are random in every level (Including maps with set spawn points such as Acension, & Der Riese)

// Perk Changes

– Total of 14 perks (varies per level)
– Perk Jingles for Quick Revive, Juggernog, Double Tap, Speed Cola, Stamina, and Mule Kick are changed to the Shadows of Evil ones
– All perks have jingles
– Players can all buy the same perk at once
– Perk limit is set to 6
– Thirdperson perk Changesdrink animation from BO2 instead of the radio animation
– Updated perk models to BO3 ones minus Cherry and Who’s Who
– Black ops 3 perk bottles
– Additional perks into each map which includes all BO1 DLC Perks, Whos Who, Electric Cherry, Vulture Aid , and Widows Wine
– Mule Kick gives back your third weapon upon purchase after downing, (does not give back limited weapons such as Thundergun)
– To save fx space cherry only has one burst effect for all explosions
– Two perks exclusive to the perk bottle powerup, Bandolier Bandit and Timeslip
– Bandolier Bandit, (Regenerates ammunition for players weapon, increases the amount of Lethal and Tactical grenades, excluded wonder weapons from the list)
– Timeslip, (Increases powerup duration for a minute, spawned powerups stay for longer, increased cycle rate of box and pack a punch, Faster trap cooldown times)
– Deadshot now has a head damage multiplier that goes up for each consistent headshot (it goes down slowly if you miss headshots)
– You can now prone under perks to get 100 points (some locations may not yet you)
– Quick Revive increases health regeneration time (Like BO4)
– Collision sounds added when a player walks up to a perk

// Weapon Changes

– Weapons from various Call of Duty games, and some from other games
– All weapons are either re-balanced or tweaked
– Weapons are changed to their real life magazine sizes (excludes HK21, Winchester 94, RPK, ETC)
– Custom muzzleflash effects for each weapon class + upgraded versions
– New shell models for guns
– Additional thirdperson animations for weapons including WAW flamethrower, and BO2 Staff animations.
– Most of the weapons and equipment have been updated to their newer counter parts (such as ZC Thundergun, Hacker, MWR Claymores)
– Custom fire and reload sounds
– Explosives, Gersch Device, Scavenger, and Upgraded shotguns cause zombies to disintegrate (Like in BO2)
– Chalks and strings are changed to match the new weapons
– World At War maps have COD WW2 weapons that replace their old gen counterparts
– Buffed Winter’s Howl
– Fixed Gpsawn error with the Baby Gun in Shangri La
– Ray Gun Powerup in dead ops grants additional movement speed
– Wall weapons in some maps can be obtained via the mystery box in other maps
– Unique weapons to each map
– Tweaked movement speed for weapon categories
– Faster cooldown between burst shots (Like BO2)
– Scavenger does infinite damage towards zombies
– Replaced BAR w/ Bipod with the regular BAR, costs 1800
– Trench gun is the standard shotgun for both WAW and BO1 maps
– M1911 gibs zombies
– Certain weapons have the ability to switch ammo types when pack a punched
– Galva Knuckles will not affect the melee of the Ballistic Knife
– Neckshots grant players 90 points for a kill
– Rocket launchers now have back blast that can knockdown zombies behind the player when discharged
– Expanding the last shot for the Upgraded M1 Garand causes nearby zombies heads to pop off
– All weapons have sprint and dive animations
– Reviving players that are in Who’s Who with the ballistic knife gives them their perks back
– Matroyshka Dolls deal infinite damage
– Wonderwaffe DG-2 Chainlink Arc connects to a full horde now


// Zombies/AI Changes

– Changed eye glow to red (based on KF2 Rioter Glow and MOTD), also in blue for moon
– Black Ops 3 AI zombie animations
– New death animations for the zombies
– Additional Walk, Run, and Sprint animations for the zombies (varies in each map)
– Zombie variants are added and vary in each map, zombie types vary between higher health, teleporters, screamers, suicide bombers, gas zombies, shielders, cloakers, and pukers
– Hellhound rounds have been reworked and dogs have much less health but there are 4 times as many and increase with player counter
– Flaming dogs cause damage to players when they explode (closer you are the more damage you take)
– Added Fire Breathing Hellhound similar to COD OL (think of it like a hellhound panzer)
– Cyberus/Armored Hellhound type that deals 50 damage instead of 25, more health, and moves slower
– Additional boss enemies added into maps such as the Engineer, Cosmic Silverback, Panzer Soldat, and Scrake
– Zombies use taunt animations when distracted by monkeys, or similar distractions rather than switching to an idle stance
– Zombies spawn at a much faster rate during the rounds for faster paced gameplay
– Added Chronicles zombie audio to cold war maps and original vox for WAW ones
– WAW Nacht zombie sounds for Prototype/Nacht Der Untoten
– All zombie variants are immune to the distractions (Monkeys, Upgraded Crossbow, Meat)
– Additional meat chunk models for when zombies get obliterated
– Headshot FX now includes brain chunks and blood spewing out
– Hellhounds will now appear on some maps which didn’t originaly have them
– Secret boss zombie that appears on all maps except Moon

//Map Specific Changes

// Nacht Der Untoten
– Included World at War intro sound when players first load ingame
– Return of the Marines along with quotes to both Nacht and Verruckt
– Adding 4 locations around the map that each cycle through all 10 perks including pack a punch
– The perks randomize location every 2-5 minutes
– Included Hellhound rounds
– Included Suicider, Cloaker, Shielder, and Armored zombie variants
– Original zombie sounds from WAW Nacht
– Box is now above the ground with it’s own stand model and can now move locations
– Mystery box light effect has been added to show the location of the box
– Added 3 new box locations to Nacht

// Verruckt
– Added intro sound for when players first start
– Custom max ammo round, Lockdown Rounds (Players are teleported into a random area and have to hold off an endless horde of zombies for 2 minutes, 30 seconds are added each new lockdown round)
-upon completion players are awarded max ammo
-Hellhounds now appear during the lockdown round
– Added Armored Zombie types
– Return of Verruckt sprinters and deadlier zombies
– Power switch handle is hidden, spawns in any room
– Wonder Waffe DG-2 is obtainable via the mystery box (Like in BO3)

// Shi No Numa
– Added Panzer Soldat boss (immune to traps, DG-2, Cherry, Widows, and Flogger)
– All perks on the map besides Cherry, Deadshot, and Quick revive randomize in the areas opened aswell at the huts
– Suiciders and Gas zombies have a unique look to match the map theme
– Shielder, Gas, Suicider, Cloaker, Screamer, & Teleporter zombies appear
– Added event in the later rounds where mortars fall from the sky that can insta kill players
– Hellhounds spawn alongside zombies in the later round
– Takeo’s model no longer has a moustache like on WAW (applies to Der Riese too

// Der Riese
– Added Scrake boss(Killing Floor 2), immune to the DG-2, teleporters, and electric traps, also has massive HP and enrages once hes at half health.
– Suicider, Cloaker, & Teleporter zombies appear
– Engineers spawn in the later rounds
– Additional powerups are included into the teleporter rotation
– Fixed players getting stuck on geometry
– There are now 3 power switches located around the map and when activated will turn on their respective areas

// Kino Der Toten
– Suicider zombies appear
– AUG can be purchased on the wall under the turret for 1200 points
– Engineers spawn in the later rounds
– If a player is upgrading their weapon the teleporter will wait for them to take their gun
– Turret model is changed from the Type 92 to the MG42 to match the German theme

// Five
– Thief has two additional sprint animations
– Engineers appear on round 12+
– New viewhands for all characters
– Hellhounds now appear every 5-7 Rounds
– Dogs will now use the teleporters like zombies
– Elevators are disabled during dog rounds
– After the power is turned on Thief rounds randomize with dog rounds

// Dead Ops Arcade
– 3 hit down system
– Slightly faster respawn time for downed players in coop
– Powerups such as weapon drops, turrets, and others last slightly longer
– Increased chance of entering the Room of Fate
– Fates are always in the same order
– Zombies health reduced slightly
– Powerup models changed to their BO3 counterparts with few exceptions
– Changed playermodels
– Increased player movement speed
– Powerups such as Heli, & Tank can spawn in earlier rounds
– More variety to zombie animations
– Ability to switch between first and third person with the melee key (can only be activated by host in coop)
– Updated powerup models and sounds

// Ascension
– Cosmic Silverback Boss (Has immunity towards massive amounts of damage, ground slam attacks can knock down zombies)
– Replaced turret model with RPD to match the Russian theme
– Added back Double Tap
– Hellhounds now appear past round 15 alongside zombies
– Monkeys don’t arrive until you purchase Jugg, Stamina, Speed, PHD, Or Quick Revive
– Power ups can spawn from monkeys
– Shielder, Gas, Suicider, Cloaker, Armored, Screamer, and Teleporter zombies appear
– More monkeys spawn but has less health and deal less damage to perks
– Completion of the Easter Egg rewards players with 90 second death machines and permanent perks.
– Does not feature Vulture Aid because of FX limit


// Call of the Dead
– Uses Round transition music from Voyage of Despair
– George will spawn between rounds 5-7
– Changed powerup model for Wonderwaffe to a more appropriate model
– Completion of the Easter Egg also rewards players with permanent perks.
– Shielder, Gas, Suicider, Cloaker, Screamer, & Teleporter zombies appear
– Steps have been changed for Easter Egg, but are the same in Solo and Coop Now
– Does not feature Vulture Aid because of FX limit

// Shangri La
– Added new locations to include Widows Wine, Electric Cherry, and Whos Who
– All perks randomize locations (minus revive)
– Increased Pack A Punch duration time to 2 minutes before the water fall activates
– Eclipse mode can be activated with any amount of players, simply hit all the buttons to activate
– Easter Egg is completable with 1-4 players
– Removed extra FX
– Added Slasher, Suicider, & Armored zombies
– Punji spikes now deal damage to zombies
– Does not feature Vulture Aid because of FX limit

// Sidequest steps edited by Jbleezy
– Stepping stones step: stones stay down until a new stone on the same side has been stepped on
– Waterslide step: only 1 player now required
– No longer recompletable in a match
– Melee stones step: Increased melee range for stones
– Mud pit step: radio is no longer required to be played in order to complete

// Moon
– Added Cyborg Bloat/Puker zombie that spawns on round 7
– Hellhounds can be spawned as a negative effect from Q.E.D
– Added dog rounds to Moon level
– Because of the Hacker you cannot give other players your weapons from the box by knifing
– Easter Egg is compatable with 1-4 players
– You have to spawn as Richtofen in order to do the complete soul swap sequence
– Removed Who’s Who due to issues (NML and Moon related)
– All powerups are included into the jump pad powerup cycle
– Receiving Bay door closes during dog rounds
– Players cannot use the teleporter on moon if the next round is a dog round
– Moonman has a chance of sprinting in the later rounds
– Reduced the ramp up time in No Mans Land to 90 seconds instead of 20 seconds
– Powerups can spawn in No Mans Land
– Galva Knuckles can be found near the AK-74u area near the teleporter
– Zombie variants, (Gas, Juggernauts) appear in NML after teleporting from moon on round 7+

// Zombie Types Information

// General

– Special zombies tend to avoid distactions such as monkeys, awful lawton bolts, and meat stink
– Round 7 is when they first start appearing
– Each map has a different set of special zombies with new apperances to match the theme
– More aggressive than standard zombies
– Majority of them can be killed with traps and other usual means of zombie disposal
– Remember to prioritize your targets, it is highly advised you take out bigger threats first before taking out the rest of the trash

// Teleporter
– Teleports to the player depending on the distance
– emits a high pitched screech when teleporting, a hiss sound will play if its extremely close to the player
– Look for the zombies with a gold flame around their head

// Kamikazie
– Have flames around their arms
– Sprint straight to the player while screaming at the top of their lungs flailing their arms
– Explodes when near the player or when killed
– To avoid being killed easily simply let the zombie play it’s stun animation then quickly escape before it explodes
– The further you are the less damage the explosion does you (up close insta kills without jugg)
– Much like novas the explosion can kill other zombies
– Looks vary depending on the map

// Gas Bag
– Looks vary depending on the map
– Moderate sprinting speed
– Zombies within the gas will bleedout slowly
– Can be identified by the trail of gas coming from it’s back
– When killed emits a giant gas cloud that damages the players (do not stand in it for too long)
– PHD Flopper will provide full immunity to the gas effects

// Siren
– Essentially a beefed up shriker
– Uses BO2 Tranzit zombie in the straight jacket
– Zombies within the scream have a chance of being killed
– Cackles and laughs continously
– Screams once it’s within range of players
– Players caught will take servere amounts of damage and be stunned momentarily
– Throwing grenades at the siren while it screams will automatically disable them
– PHD will reduce the damage taken and the shellshock effects
– Fairly low health

// Juggernaut
– No different from the average zombie only with higher health
– Players only get points for killing the zombie
– Moves slightly slower than other zombies
– More common out of the other zombie types
– Apperance varies within each map, usually is fitted with tons of armor

// Cloaker
– Players only get points for killing the zombie
– Apperances varies in each map
– Goes invisible until it is within range of the player
– Can be killed while invisible
– Emits a sound upon cloaking
– Easy to kill

// Shielder
– Players only get points for killing the zombie
– Deals less damage compared to the other types
– Appears in knight armor
– Emits a flame to signal that it’s shield has been activated blocking any damage until it goes back into human form
– Has unique sounds compared to the other zombies

// Viral
– Equivalent of a super sprinter in bo3/bo4
– Faster sprinting speed but has the same damage and health as any regular zombie

// Puker
– Players only get points for killing the zombie
– When in range it will proceed to puke on the players and blinding their screen with vomit
– The more you stand the quicker you die when puked on
– Easy to avoid it’s attacks, and easy to kill
– Immune to the wave gun but not the zap guns
– Exclusive to Moon only

// Exo Boss/ The King
– Combines all zombie types except the cloaker and screamer
– Apperance is a zombie in an exo suit with a officer’s cap and a gas mask with flames around it’s arms
– Appears in all maps except Moon
– Spawns via a lighting strike unlike all the other zombie types
– Will appear after the 3rd dog round and onwards
– Can teleport, and activate a forcefield to avoid damage
– Take extreme caution when you kill him as he will explode upon death and also has a chance of exploding in a cloud of gas
– Extremely fast and shakes the screen as he runs
– Attacks are lethal and push the player back (Watch out before you become a human ping pong ball)
– If you knife him right as he attacks it will stun him
– Immune to most wonder weapons

// Dog Variants Information

// Geisthund
– Essentially a hellhound that goes invisible until close to the player
– Noticeable by it’s sound when cloaked so trust you instincts if the air is growling infront of you
– Appears almost hairless and pale

// Flammenhund
– Breathes fire that can down players quickly if they stand in it too long
– The trick is to wait for the animation to start then run in order to kill it while it’s stuck in the animation
– Flames can also damage other zombies and dogs
– Has a glowing body compared to other dogs

// Bombenhund
– The flame dogs but the explosion can damage the players
– It is best to keep your distance when killing these dogs, the closer you are to it the more damage you will take (Buy PHD in order to take multiple explosions)
– Any other dog variant can also be explosive + it’s original ability
– Explosion can also hurt nearby zombies and dogs

// Cerberus
– High health compared to the other dogs
– Moves slower
– Identifiable by the extra 2 heads on it’s neck
– Downs players within 2 hits instead of 3 (Extra heads = more damage)

– Step 1: Turn on the power, (Applies to all maps except for Shi No Numa which in that case just open all the doors)
– Step 2: Locate the challenge board
– Step 3: Pay 3400 to start your challenges, (In coop all players must play individually to start their own challenges)
– Step 4: Complete each of the 4 tasks you are given, (Simple tasks such as 115 headshots, melee kills, obtain 6 or more perks, not that difficult)
– Step 5: Once you completed your challenges and checked the board to confirm save up for the endgame (For coop everyone must complete their challenges for the endgame to be bought
– Step 6: After buying the ending survive for 10 rounds and the game will end

– Tom BMX – OG of COD Modding, Xanim Extractor, XmodelUtils, IWI & DDS Converter, Maya Tanim Plugins, BO Sound Converter Tool, Lime, Lemon, & FastFile Extractor
– Slayerbeast12 – Lead Scripter; Guided me in modding Black Ops and the whole reason we even created this mod
– xSanchez78 – Second lead scripter; Contributing his own ideas, Conversion rigs, BO3 Perk/Powerup models, All custom perks, BO3 viewhands, Map ideas for WaW maps, & other various fixes
– Jzob – Providing CoD:OL 1887 textures, and teaching me how to port guns back in the day, which is how I knew how to port weapons for this mod
– Kagamine Addict – Perk/Powerup Shaders, Various texture edits, Artwork, Contributing her own ideas ( half of them were too much for the final version ), & Photoshop help
– Killer Potato – Weapon porting help/advice as well as rigging some weapons for me, BO4 conversion rig ( made from xSanchez78’s BO3 rig ), & Texture fixing help
– DamianoTBM – Weapon porting help/advice, MWR Minigun , Rigging viewmodel arms (PES, Castro), & Texture fixes for weapons
– Jbleezy – Scripting help & Allowing me to use some of his stuff from reimagined in the mod
– HitmanVere – Scripting help, Letting me use his BO3 chalks, & Help with adding back the moon ann vox
– Thomas Cat – WW2 Hands for the marines, & BO3-TX, S1-TX AI conversion rigs
– Khel Mho – Infinite Warfare conversion rig edits
– Joshwoocool – Providing the base texture for the bo4 perks and bo4 powerup models
– Jerri13 – Widows Wine/Glava Knuckle FX, & Modding Help

– Rollonmath42 – Created the ammo rotation script
– TheSkyeLord – S2 to TX conversion rig
– ElRicos – Sub divided Honeybadger model
– Maciej Ray Marcin/ItsRay1235 & Aiden – COD Maya Tools
– SE2DEV, Nukem – creation of Game Mod for Black Ops
– DTZxPorter – Wraith, SEANIM Plugins, Bassdrop, & Black Iris Tools
– Scobalula – Greyhound, & COD Maya Tools
– Treyarch – models, animations, sounds, &fx textures
– Infinity Ward – models, animations, sounds, & fx textures
– Raven Software – models, animations, & sounds
– Sledgehammer Games – models, animations, & sounds
– Tripwire Interactive – models, & sounds
– New World Interactive – models, sounds, & fx textures
– Tencent Games – models, animations, sounds
– 4ECHO – AUG model
– Mr. Rifleman – Tokarev model
– Thanez – Colt 357 model

– Some maps will take a few tries to load, we tested it on multiple people’s computers and it worked eventually.
– Another way to counter this for solo is load up a map like five or moon and open the console and type /devmap zombie_(mapname) and it will load up.

– One or two zombies might get stuck behind the door in spawn during lockdown rounds in Verruckt (doesn’t matter because they all die at the end of the round anyways).
– Certain parts in Five cause FX to stop playing, nothing game breaking(usually happens in coop due to all the entities going off)
– Due to the vast amount of FX going off at once there is a chance it won’t always play
– Sometimes zombies get stuck behind the barrier in the Shangri La spawn room (Free kills)
– There is a chance that any character will get the golden rod on moon in coop (The easter egg worked fine though)
– Should you have trouble getting into a match solo/coop just keep restarting the game/steam or swapping hosts (I know it’s tediousand takes over 100 tries but it works eventually, what we get for pushing the limits, also make sure both you and your buddies version of game mod are the same version)
– Zombie sounds can stop playing at times but they should come back shortly
-If you get stuck with a blackscreen when loading a map press the “`” key to open up the developer console
and enter the command /map_restart



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