Mario Survival Series #1 – Wuhu Island

Mario Survival Series #1 - Wuhu Island
By: Pepergogo

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Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Based on Wii Sports Resort and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

First stop is the Wuhu Island, a great place to do some sport, relax and of course, kill some zombies while on vacation.

Currently I’m working on my next big map but (hopefully) is gonna be ready by the end of the year, so I decide in make some quick survival maps in the meantime (because only take me like 3 days to make them).

This is the first map on my new “Mario survival series”, where there’s going to be 5 survival maps based on Mario games.

Next stop is “Delfino Plaza” from Super Mario Sunshine.

– One big single open area map

– Timed gameplay

– Buyable ending

– Soul boxes (Of course)

– Shootable EE for PaP

– 19 Perks (w/custom)

– Custom characters

– Shrieker, Napalm and dogs

– Custom sounds

– Custom mystery box

– Lots and lots of weapons

Special thanks:
– Nintendo —> Assets and music
– Treyarch —> Mod tools

– verdecillo66 —> Island model
– Harrybo21 —> Perks and box design, Shrieker and Napalm zombies
– Jbird632 —> EE song
– Video Game Remixes —> Wii Sports remix song
– NSZ —> Shootable EE; bottomless, zombie cash and Time PaP powerup
Custom characters————————-
– The Indestructable Mike Pence
– DTZxPorter —> Wraith
– Scobalula/ray1235 —> codmayatools
– Collie – general consulting/original method
– Lucas – character renders for CoTD and Five
– The Black Death —> Menendez
– Madgaz —> Banana Colada
– F3ARxReaper666 —> BO4 perks
– Abnormal202 —> Cryo Slide and Snail’s Pace Slurpee perk
– TheSkyeLord —> Custom weapons
– StevieWonder87 —> CoD Online Hellhound models



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