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The Damned of the Moor 2

*Important: It is recommended that this map is played with the graphical setting Volumetric Lighting enabled. Without this setting enabled, certain features will not function as intended and areas of the level will not look as they do in the provided Screenshots/Videos. Thanks!

“The Damned of the Moor 2” is set in an abandoned prison in English Moorland and occurs right after the original’s ending. It features a variety of environments to both challenge and benefit the player (such as tight corridors, wide open “training” areas, maze-like sections, etc) which also play very different from one and another.

“The Damned of the Moor 2” is the first in a series of maps that will give context to and fill in the gaps of the events of “The Town”, “The Damned of the Moor”, and “The Last Unity”. While being a Sequel to the original “The Damned of the Moor” and being chronologically placed between it and “The Last Unity”, it also serves as a reimagining of TDOTM and is closer to the original vision I had for that map nearly 3 years ago.

This map was made roughly half the time that I took to make my previous maps (6 months as opposed to 11-13ish) so naturally it is smaller and less feature-complete. However, I wanted to work on a smaller project and still be able to create something that’s hopefully still enjoyable :^)

General Features Overview:

-Small EE Quest with Reward and Optional Ending (Feel free to post your guides in the discussions)
-Medium Sized Map
-Buffed Dog Rounds – stronger dogs that spawn in larger numbers, with dense fog which restricts vision
-Entirely WW2 Weapons (Other than Wonder Weapons)
-Unique and Custom Teleporter System
-Mixture of environments to suit different play styles
-Ray Gun buff from “The Last Unity” (Double-PaP)
-Multiple Buildables
-Additional Obtainable Perks

Feedback is appreciated, feel free to comment/message me with inquires/suggestions/complaints :^)


(please let me know if I have missed anyone)

-Treyarch & Activision
-UGO aka Wakka
-Mike Pence
-Frost Iceforge

Here’s a dono link (I think, never used streamlabs before) don’t feel obliged:



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