Djamahan’s Curse

Djamahan's Curse
By: Sphynx

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This map was made for the Mod Tools Discord / Spawn Room contest.

Explanation & updates:
I want to explain something to people who don’t understand the reasoning why the boss fight is not as good as it could’ve been, or the map in general. Please understand that the boss fight was made to add an ending to the contest map, where I started on scripting the full Easter Egg in the last week…I had no time whatsoever to test any of the content.
Nothing, the whole map wasn’t tested at all. Not the weapons, not the scripts, not the flow. I can’t stress this enough: A contest map is time consuming, where we had 1 month only to make everything ‘from scratch’.

I WILL update the map with lots of new features and easter eggs when the contest is over. I can’t update the map right now due to the contest not being over yet. We aren’t allowed.

Again, a map takes time, this map took 1 month in total, from scratch!

Full Easter Egg Guide will be up in a week, or if someone else beats me to it!

An airplane containing several artifacts crashed on it’s way to the 935 Testing Facility. Our four heroes must return the Artifacts before someone else takes them. The powerful artifacts in the wrong hands can have devastating effects.

Support me:
If you’d like to support me and encourage me to bring out more maps, consider donating at the following link:

  • Full Main Easter Egg
  • Boss Fight
  • Custom Perks
  • Modern Warfare Weapons
  • Tigers
  • Buyable Ending?
  • Perk descriptions
  • 5 Perk limit

If you would like to be added onto the leaderboards please make sure you send me a PM with the video and I will review it.

Leaderboards(High Rounds):

Leaderboards(Fastest Completion):

There are known bugs that will be resolved after the contest is over. Please stay tuned for the re-released version.

Sphynx(me) – Mapping/Creator – Boss Fight Script – Several EE Scripts
Michael J. – Sodalicious Script
Zeroy – Zombie Models
Robit & Clix – Hitmarkers
skyeslord – Modern Warfare
NSZ – Buyable Ending script
Divinefury – Sodalicious Perk Model
Killjoy – Tiger Models
Symbo – Explosive Fire Zombies
Scobulula – Many tools
Spiki – Furys, KT4 Craftable Table
Harrybo21 – KT-4

A big Thank you to everyone that have tested the map!
No one, cause I couldn’t test it before the contest was over.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped me with the map and please let me know if I have forgotten anyone else in the credit list.



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